Weekly Astrology forecast May 18 – 24 2020


  • May 20 2020    Sun   enters Gemini
Now is the time to communicate, think, plan, exchange ideas and just talk to others.  Learning and teaching are emphasized now.  Leaders may be sharing more details and information than usual to help formulate plans for the future.
  • May 20 2020    Venus    Sqr    Neptune
   20°Ge39′ R    20°Pi39′ D
Romance blossoms now as well as creativity, activity by water and imagination.  Taken too far this can lead to an unhealthy relationship or dangers while dealing with substance abuse or water related activities.   Enjoy the bliss but keep your feet firmly on the ground.  Two words: designated driver.
  • May 22 2020    Mercury    Cnj    Venus   
20°Ge11′ D    20°Ge11′ R
Now is an excellent time to reach out to others as forming new relationships of all kinds may flourish with this aspect.  This is a good time for social gatherings (with social distancing of course) but also creative writing, poetry, art etc.   Venus gives a creative and loving influence on children, communicating and travel (Mercury).
  • May 22 2020    Sun    Tri    Saturn  and New Moon in Gemini
 01°Ge51′ D    01°Aq51′ R
Now is the time to get back to work and/or implement those plans.  Leaders may make some strict decisions which will be long-lasting and beneficial for a long time to come.  This is an excellent time to start a long-term project and organize one’s life.  If things have not been going as well as you would like, now is the time to make changes.  Seeking the help of older people will also be most beneficial.
  • May 22 2020    Mercury    Sqr    Neptune
  20°Ge41′ D    20°Pi41′ D    Tr-Tr
Misinformation and fake news may be all around at this time.  Expect some scandulous story which is not as it seems.  Be careful not to make a serious decisions while under the influence of this aspect.  On a good note, this is an excellent time to do something spiritual or creative.  The imagination will be very active now and an auspicious time to take part in any fun or fantasy activity.  Spending time at the beach, role playing, glamour, fashion, music, and the arts may be more enjoyable now.

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