Weekly Astrology Forecast April 20-26 2020

On April 21st the Sun squares Saturn. This can cause obstacles, limitations and hardships for leaders.  It can also cause problems in getting things done.  This is not the time to force things or try to skirt the rules as there may be a heavy price to pay.  Deal with any delays or hindrances now and wait until later to address any issues that you may be struggling to get through.  This can be a positive time to figure out how to deal with any limitations that you may be experiencing and figure out a workaround until things improve.
April 22nd New Moon in Taurus: New Moons are a good time to begin something in the area where it falls from your Sun or Rising sign.  The following Full Moon brings to fruition, or the next step, what began at the New Moon.

A New Moon occurs at 3 degrees of Taurus.  The New Moon in Taurus is a good time to begin a new practical, monetary or earth-centered endeavor.  Building a new project,  planting new seeds, investing in something that may increase over time are favored now.  It’s time to set some realistic goals and write them down.
Taurus, matters related to money, talents,  our resources, possessions, feelings of worthiness, and the neck area of the body. This is a time for new beginnings in these areas if you have any personal planets or points near 3 degrees of Taurus.

Be prepared for a new revelation in regards to money, talents and other Taurus ruled topics. Taurus is a fixed earth sign that does not like sudden changes.  Taurus likes to keep things the way that they are or slowly increase things.

Keeping one’s perspective with any changes that may suddenly develop now.   You may want to stand back and re-think whatever situation requires your attention now.  Perhaps a new way of investing, building or using your talents is in order now.

On Saturday April 25th Mercury squares Pluto which can cause power struggles in thinking and communication.  Conspiracy theories may run rampant.  People may become more intense and obsessive with ideas and with research.  While this can be a positive time to get to the bottom of things, hold back from making any drastic changes now or it may backfire.  Proceed with caution with any new information that may suddenly appear and secure your computers, phones or other communication devices from hackers now.
Pluto stations direct on April 25th at 24 Capricorn.  The station of this outer planet often signifies worldwide events like earthquakes or storms which can cause major damage.  In your personal life, you may feel empowered now to move forward with something that you may have avoided doing earlier.  This can lead to you starting new and powerful ventures which may completely change your life.  Be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater though.
On April 26th with Mercury square Jupiter, you may be hearing good news and feeling much more optimistic.  There may also be an overwhelming amount of news or information coming in that you need to parse through.  Try to avoid going too far with any new ideas now as you may overreach or overestimate how much can be done or what can be accomplished.  Take a break from social media if you are bombarded with news and information.  This is a good time to expand your knowledge, travel and pursue spiritual topics.

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