Weekly Astrology Forecast May 25-31, 2020

  • May 25 2020    Mars    Sxt    Uranus

   08°Pi12′ D    08°Ta12′ D    Tr-Tr
Individual actions and rebellions.  Revolutionary activities.  Events and actions accelerating to high speeds.  New mechanical inventions.  The desire to make things happen quickly.  Dynamic leadership. Expressing individuality through work and performance.

There may be some last minute actions or decisions which may lead to success.  This is the time to be open to taking new and sudden opportunities.  There is a method to the sudden rush of activity so trust your instincts and do what feels right. 

You or others may be asserting your individuality in some way this week.  Protests and group calls to action for a rebellious or unusual cause will be successful.  This is an excellent time for sports, competition and starting a new exercise routine.

  • May 28 2020    Mercury enters Cancer

You place importance on communication within the family. Information about your family and its background is also important to you. For instance you may like to collect family photos or study family history. You look after yourself and others by communicating emotional issues.

Mercury entering Cancer will cause more communications surrounding mothers, home, family, real estate and patriotic matters.  Expect more sentimental and emotional discussions during this time.  People will express their need for security and protection.  Although things may be quieter with Mercury in a mute sign, feelings run deep.  Being more sensitive and swaying people emotionally rather than using facts and figures will be more successful now.

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