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On Odysee now – why did YT take these videos down? Watch them for yourself!

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Covid vaccines causing demonic obsession

Explosive new revelations that the Bohr particle found within Covid-19 shots connect people to another dimension. Below are first hand accounts of people experiencing demonic obsession, connecting to demonic places and hearing demonic voices causing great harm and distress.

Interviews of vaccinated people suffering from these effects: https://rumble.com/v2jmcr4-stories-of-demonic-possession-after-taking-covid-vaccine.html

Proof of the vaccines being the cause of these torments

Full video: https://rumble.com/v30mc36-nanotech-prison-grid-injected-into-population-through-covid.html

Pray for these people and for us all!


Mars in Taurus – not a bad thing

Mars in Taurus – “I’ll move when I’m good and ready. You want my spot? HAHAHA!”

I felt my cat best illustrated this description.

As I’m sure you know, Mars is in detriment in Taurus so this might seem like having Mars in this position is challenging – and it can be, if you are unaware of it’s significance. If you try to act like you have Mars in Aries when you have Mars in Taurus, it won’t work out well.

So how can you successfully maneuver well with Mars in Taurus? One way, as Robert Hand describes, is to use the energy of Mars in Taurus as it’s in the opposite sign – Scorpio. This is true for any planet in detriment as it aspects a sign it rules. Any planet in Taurus automatically aspects the opposite sign of it’s dignity, Scorpio, and can project onto that sign easily.

Mars in Scorpio is fixed like Taurus and is not averse to waiting until the right time to strike. Also Mars in this sign may be very secretive and intense – all or nothing in actions it undertakes.

With Mars in Taurus, the important thing is to wait, don’t react, start or initiate something at the first inkling. One day you may think, “I should start doing this for my business.” Now this might be an excellent idea as others may also being doing it already so you know it can work. Should you start right away? Not with Mars in Taurus. Sit on it for a while, keep it on the back burner, or file it away for another time. Let your mind percolate on it for a while. While you are contemplating, don’t share it with anyone else (remember think Scorpio) never share your future plans with others (personal plans that don’t affect anyone else.) Keep your goals to yourself, others can see it after it’s accomplished.

One fine day, the idea/action you thought of comes back into the forefront of your mind but this time you *know* it’s the right time. Then when you commence, watch it become a success! Such is the way with Mars in Taurus, patience is not only a virtue but a necessity. Wait until the time is right and trust your instincts.


Three groups of 7 with tarot

In her book, Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom, Rachel Pollack describes how the tarot cards can be separated into three groups of seven. The three groups may represent different experiences of life. One way to divide the three groups may be: personal development, societal influence and spiritual awareness.

We each have different life experiences to draw upon from the archetypes shown in the tarot cards. Each card aligns with the same theme through all three groups. below are some of the ideas of how each group of cards may relate to the three themes of life.

Magician-Strength-Devil: Magician: We figure out our own natural abilities and powers to manifest early on and utilize them freely. Strenth: In time, we know that we have to curb or control certain wants/desires to achieve long term goals that we want more than immediate gratification. Devil: Outward forces beyond our control that will seek to manipulate and lure us in by these weaknesses we work so hard to keep under control.

High Priestess-Hermit-Tower: We obtain insights initially through our intuition (High Priestess) then we may pursue more spiritual insights through solitary activities (Hermit) and other times we have sudden insights from external sources (Tower.)

Empress- WOF – Star: We create with the materials our environment provides and grow from there (Empress) sometimes life gives us great bounty without any rhyme or reason (WOF) yet we still aspire to something greater than what we have accomplished and no matter what we create – it always seems to fall short of the ideal we envisioned (Star) and this keeps us moving towards it.

Emperor-Justice-Moon: We learn to follow the rules of the family with father usually in charge (Emperor) to set an example of rules to follow. Then we make sure to follow the rules or laws of society or we deal with the justice system (Justice.) Finally we wrestle with the mysteries of spiritual rules or laws which aren’t so concrete and discernable and forever debated, inferred and obscure to the material world we inhabit (Moon.)

Hierophant-Hanged Man – Sun: Our family, teachers, and culture guides our beliefs in early life (Hierophant), giving us a sense of right and wrong. As we mature we start to look inward for our moral compass as we may find the traditional ways may not match our modern life (Hanged Man). The journey ends by following the light (Sun) the source of all life giving energy that unifies all life on our planet.

Lovers – Death – Judgement: We are born with a passion to create and later procreate. (Lovers) as this creates more life and joy. We next realize everything comes in cycles and will end (Death) which clears way to create something new. Finally, we look to a higher realm to discover if what has been created is worth resurrecting and continuing on for infinity.

Chariot-Temperance-World: The final group can represent how we focus our desires/beliefs. Early on we just plow through (Chariot) to obtain what we believe is the way to go. As we adapt to society, we recognize that merging with others (Temperance) and joining forces with others is needed to effect the changes we would like to experience. Finally, after trials, tests and patience, if the ideas prove sound then there will be a universal acceptance around the World.


When will the madness of Prince Harry + Meghan Markle end? (Jeremy Clarkson)

Meghan and Harry constantly complain that they are victims of the free press and freedom of speech. In their latest publicity assault, a six part Netflix show, there is a scene where they are pretending to be followed by paparazzi (a la Princess Diana in the 90’s.) “Behind that tree,” moans Meghan, “and someone else was taping us back in the garage.” Meghan is wearing sunglasses, inside the limousine, very old world Hollywood star style. But their own camera recording them clearly reveals that no one is following them, no one cares to. It is all in their imagination.

One may chalk this up to two mentally ill, middle aged losers, and alleged drug addicts, who need to get real jobs. But Harry and Meghan are well-connected multi-millionaires viciously attacking anyone and everyone who tells the truth about them. Multiple journalists and everyday people on Twitter and Youtube have been demonetized, deplatformed and/or fired because of them. They have a gang of people who support their cause. One group is called the Sussex Squad which apparently have ties to BLM and work with an Omid Scobie as well as a shady character named Christopher Bouzy.

Prince Harry even declared, “The first amendment is bonkers,” while residing on American soil. He has sued multiple newspapers and even the British police. He also works for the far left Aspen Institute, funded by George Soros, where Harry works as a chief of misinformation.

One of Harry and Meghan’s proven strategies to attack freedom of press is to do a huge publicity stunt, like the Oprah interview or Netflix show, where they provoke the public with multiple provable lies. This instigates reporters and social media commentators to react. Almost immediately, Meghan and her gang will troll, harass and flag attack. With journalists, they will make official complaints, and try to get them fired. One prominent example was Piers Morgan on ITV. Meghan herself called Morgan’s boss to complain and try to force him to apologize for not believing her lies. Piers left ITV because of this. He is just one of many people who have been fired and/or attacked online by her trolls.

Harry and Meghan’s latest attack is against another journalist named Jeremey Clarkson. Clarkson attended a Christmas lunch, hosted by Queen Camilla. This is significant as Harry and Meghan are also attacking the royal family. Clarkson wrote an Op Ed in the Sun news where he expressed his hatred for Meghan (a feeling shared by many, many others.)

His short piece (one among thousands being published at the time, only days after Harry and Meghan’s 2nd installment of Netflix) somehow generated 6,000+ complaints. How many were from Sussex Squad – BLM affiliated accounts? This is unclear but Clarkson, quickly apologized and had the Sun remove his article from their website.

With blood in the water, Meghan Markle’s first lieutenant Omid Scobie swims in to extend the attack. (Omid regularly tweets on Meghan’s behalf, many suspect Meghan uses his account surreptitiously as Harry and Meghan do not have official social media accounts.)

As soon at the 6,000 complaints attack was published, Harry and Meghan’s PR attempted to use this as justification to attack the royal family.

So Harry and Meghan use the fact that Clarkson received thousands of complaints (which appear coordinated) and tied him to Queen Camilla. Harry and Meghan ostensibly create a cancel culture attack then weaponize it against the royal family. They also use this to attack freedom of speech.

When will the madness of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle end? They are destroying lives, fomenting hate online and trying to destroy freedom of speech as well as the royal family.