When will the madness of Prince Harry + Meghan Markle end? (Jeremy Clarkson)

Meghan and Harry constantly complain that they are victims of the free press and freedom of speech. In their latest publicity assault, a six part Netflix show, there is a scene where they are pretending to be followed by paparazzi (a la Princess Diana in the 90’s.) “Behind that tree,” moans Meghan, “and someone else was taping us back in the garage.” Meghan is wearing sunglasses, inside the limousine, very old world Hollywood star style. But their own camera recording them clearly reveals that no one is following them, no one cares to. It is all in their imagination.

One may chalk this up to two mentally ill, middle aged losers, and alleged drug addicts, who need to get real jobs. But Harry and Meghan are well-connected multi-millionaires viciously attacking anyone and everyone who tells the truth about them. Multiple journalists and everyday people on Twitter and Youtube have been demonetized, deplatformed and/or fired because of them. They have a gang of people who support their cause. One group is called the Sussex Squad which apparently have ties to BLM and work with an Omid Scobie as well as a shady character named Christopher Bouzy.

Prince Harry even declared, “The first amendment is bonkers,” while residing on American soil. He has sued multiple newspapers and even the British police. He also works for the far left Aspen Institute, funded by George Soros, where Harry works as a chief of misinformation.

One of Harry and Meghan’s proven strategies to attack freedom of press is to do a huge publicity stunt, like the Oprah interview or Netflix show, where they provoke the public with multiple provable lies. This instigates reporters and social media commentators to react. Almost immediately, Meghan and her gang will troll, harass and flag attack. With journalists, they will make official complaints, and try to get them fired. One prominent example was Piers Morgan on ITV. Meghan herself called Morgan’s boss to complain and try to force him to apologize for not believing her lies. Piers left ITV because of this. He is just one of many people who have been fired and/or attacked online by her trolls.

Harry and Meghan’s latest attack is against another journalist named Jeremey Clarkson. Clarkson attended a Christmas lunch, hosted by Queen Camilla. This is significant as Harry and Meghan are also attacking the royal family. Clarkson wrote an Op Ed in the Sun news where he expressed his hatred for Meghan (a feeling shared by many, many others.)

His short piece (one among thousands being published at the time, only days after Harry and Meghan’s 2nd installment of Netflix) somehow generated 6,000+ complaints. How many were from Sussex Squad – BLM affiliated accounts? This is unclear but Clarkson, quickly apologized and had the Sun remove his article from their website.

With blood in the water, Meghan Markle’s first lieutenant Omid Scobie swims in to extend the attack. (Omid regularly tweets on Meghan’s behalf, many suspect Meghan uses his account surreptitiously as Harry and Meghan do not have official social media accounts.)

As soon at the 6,000 complaints attack was published, Harry and Meghan’s PR attempted to use this as justification to attack the royal family.

So Harry and Meghan use the fact that Clarkson received thousands of complaints (which appear coordinated) and tied him to Queen Camilla. Harry and Meghan ostensibly create a cancel culture attack then weaponize it against the royal family. They also use this to attack freedom of speech.

When will the madness of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle end? They are destroying lives, fomenting hate online and trying to destroy freedom of speech as well as the royal family.


Why was Meredith Kercher murdered?

Note: This article may contain commentary reflecting the author’s opinion.

Meredith Kercher was murdered on November 1, 2007. Three people were found guilty of her murder. Two of the three used a powerful PR firm to pressure the justice system to ‘exonerate’ them. Similar to OJ Simpson, the two freed killers went on to write a book about the “injustice” and then go on tour… again and again.

Due to the fact that Meredith’s murder was ‘coincidentally’ on the Day of the Dead, I wondered about the significance of her murder. What was it really about? Did the cocaine addled Knox go too far while trying to rob her of her rent money? Was it a fight over a boy (Giacomo Silenzi)? Was it a premeditated satanic plan? Was it Knox’s drug dealer afraid Meredith would snitch to police? Was it an accident? What was the motivation?

I decided to pull three cards to get a general idea of why. Why did Amanda Knox, Raffaele Sollecito and Rudy Guede murder Meredith Kercher?

The impression I got from the cards stunned me – it was for a book. For Amanda to write a ‘killer’ book about her sojourn to Italy. A ‘Murder in Italy’ book. A book full of lies and the imaginings of a delusional psychopath. For this, Meredith was sacrificed.

For a normal person, this idea makes no sense. but with a psychopath, it makes perfect sense. Knox is a narcissistic psychopath. Knox was majoring in creative writing (not English or Literature) before embarking on her murderous trip. Knox’s stories leading up to Italy were dark and disturbing.

Knox may have gotten the ‘killer’ idea from the famous book + movie The Midnight Express. Which would fit her perfectly as she was a heavy drug user. It is interesting to note that Knox ran off with a drug dealer her first night in Italy, leaving her younger sister alone in the hotel. Knox was probably doing ‘research.’

A psychopath has no guilt or remorse and feels nothing if they kill someone. Not all psychopaths kill but if murdering someone would allow them to write a hit book, with a movie deal, and never have to work a real job in life, well there is a plan that a psychopath like Amanda Knox would obviously sign up for!

Knox has made millions from the murder of Meredith Kercher and continues to this day. Of course, Knox plays the victim as all narcissists do. Only a narcissistic psychopath would try to act like a victim after her “friend” was viciously murdered. For shame!


Merriam Webster is lying to us – who can we trust for a correct definition anymore?

In August 2022, I became aware of the fact that Merriam Webster dictionary changed its definitions of ‘vaccine’ and ‘recession’ to support the lies of a corrupt government. I covered this on my Odysee channel (can’t do the truth on big tech of course – they are colluding with the corrupt govt.)

It starts at 4:32

Newspeak courtesy of NWO

Which leaves me wondering, every time I look up a word, “What else have they deceived us about?” They don’t announce these ‘deceptive edits of tyranny’ and still prance around as if they were a reliable source of information. (Not unlike mainstream media, FDA, CDC, NIH, DOD, DOJ, medical journals, FBI, etc and Universities … all useless and corrupt nowadays.)

This is another layer of the globalist mindf*ckery on the general population or 1984-ifying of this ccp-dystopia. Where can we find the truth?

You hear over and over, “do your research” but where? Most already are aware that Wikipedia is a woke joke. Now Merriam webster has fallen to ‘woke’ aka communist lies. We can’t even trust the damn dictionary anymore! Thanks Merriam Webster!


Did Nostradamus Predict the Queen’s Death?

There have been a number of articles published regarding news of Nostradamus accurately predicting Queen Elizabeth II passing.

According to the Sunday Times, one book’s translation of Nostradamus’s quatrains (Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies for the Future, by Mario Reading) said:

“Queen Elizabeth II will die, circa 22, at the age of around 96.”

I do not have a copy of this book but I do have a few of my own. I cannot find this quatrain and find it suspicious that there is no reference to the exact location where Nostradamus allegedly wrote this.

Trying to read Nostradamus’s quatrains is very challenging, to say the least. One needs to have a grasp of a 16th century vocabulary (along with slang terms of the time), Latin and Greek references as well. Top this off with the fact that Nostradamus used anagrams, historical references, mythology, astrology and other scrambling of words, etc.

It’s a mess but many brave souls have invested time in interpreting his prophesies and naturally, they don’t all agree with what the correct interpretation is. This has led people to comment that one could interpret anything they want from Nostradamus’s writings. (And I can’t argue with that.)

So I do not have this book with the translation pertaining to the Queen’s death, but I DID find some other translations that I thought may be of interest.

C III 28 “A young woman of poor background gains power and long wields it to terrible effect.”

The Nostradamus Encyclopedia; Peter Lemesurier

C. III 98 “Two royal brothers fight for power and start a civil war.”

The Nostradamus Encyclopedia; Peter Lemesurier

C. I 67 “Severe famine, at first intermittent, spreads world-wide, warning of future ecological Armageddon, far-future world wasteland.”

The Nostradamus Encyclopedia; Peter Lemesurier

C. I 36 “After great disasters, population declines, peace ensues, with safe land, sea, and air travel, before war resumes”

The Nostradamus Encyclopedia; Peter Lemesurier
crop fortune teller predicting fate near burning candle

Tarot a tool to increase your attention span

We have all heard that social media causes shorter attention spans. Scrolling mindlessly through the constantly changing dopamine hits of tiktok videos or twitter posts is no doubt detrimental to long term intelligence. Modeled after gambling slot machines, this was intentional by the creators of social media platforms.

Unless you want to be dumber than a goldfish you have to make the effort to improve your attention span.

Taking time off-line to read more books is a common solution. How about some tarot books? I’ve found that the more I have learned and practiced tarot, the stronger my intuition and attention span has become.

Performing a full celtic cross tarot reading spread is not for the goldfish brains. Reading tarot requires shark-like focus. But the focus is on our unconscious thoughts becoming conscious. Catching that fleeting first impression and verbalizing it into reality. The process is relaxing and meditative. Altogether, it’s intense fun!

Tarot readers enjoy their off-line pursuit with longer and longer focus of mind and as an additional benefit, we can stick our tongues out at AI because it can’t do it. If you don’t have intuition, you can’t do a real tarot reading. (Yes computers can memorize key words + spit them out but that’s not a real tarot reading.)

So there you have it! One cure for the social media damage done to our minds – tarot. An interesting and entertaining way to improve our attention spans and distance ourselves from big tech influence. A win-win for the world.


R.I.P DE3 Victory of the People over Big Tech

Today started off with a bit of a shock. As I was watching over my Friday Live tarot video on my YT Daily Empress 3 channel (DE3) I noticed there were about 40 live viewers. “Not bad,” I thought. A couple of years ago it would’ve been over 100 watchers but things have been waning down with the Harry + Meghan saga.

However, many of us diehards are sticking it out to the end. As one person said, “It’s like watching a train crash, you want to see how it ends.” Suddenly, *Poof* The web page disappeared and a weird geometric symbol in the center of a blank page appeared. I couldn’t get on my Youtube channel! In the middle of my live reading my entire channel was taken down!

As a veteran of this scenario, I knew instantly what was going on, for reasons only known to themselves, YT took me down. I didn’t even bother looking for an email from YT. Instead, almost by reflex, quickly re-uploaded the video on my backup channel – DE4. (Don’t we all have backup YT channels nowadays?)

I restarted the live show and within a few minutes there were about 40 viewers again! Everyone had seamlessly shifted from DE3 channel to DE4 channel! This was a victory! This shows that people have adapted to the tyrannical censorship and figured out how to outmaneuver the megalomaniacs of big tech! We did it!

I then decided to do a tarot reading, for entertainment, to find out who was behind my latest channel take down (and to vent a bit.)

I got the Star card when I asked “how the person responsible for removing my channel felt about me being able to recuperate so quickly” restarting the Live show almost uninterrupted. I was a bit perplexed by the Star, that seemed to show happiness. Why would the person responsible for ripping down my channel be happy that I recovered?

A viewer commented on my video:

Then I realized, the way everyone moved over from one channel to the other channel in a way that couldn’t have gone smoother if we’d rehearsed it, showed that we were the Star! We didn’t get upset and ask “Why YT why?” Bemoaning our fate + fearing the repression of our freedom of speech by the invisible fascist dictators of big tech with government colluding together. No we didn’t do that. We simply found our Star and moved onto the next channel!

As the North Star has guided ships for centuries, my viewers followed their Star to DE4. Everyone knew what to do by now. Things change, people adapt. Life moves on. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? .

This was a victory for the people. Today, we showed big tech that they are not really in control. We are. And DE5 is ready on standby.