Numerology of Minor Arcana 1 – 3

1. Aces: Beginnings, wholeness, pure essence of the element, powerful force of the element depicted.



2. Duality, divisiveness, balancing two side, contemplating two courses of action – two paths to follow, and/or two choices.  This duality may include the unconscious to the conscious or other divisions within a whole (ex. facing one’s shadow.) Lastly, it may be bringing together two separate things and trying to incorporate them into one goal.


3. Creating something new, a new expression or creation in the suit of the card, and a great opportunity to transform our lives in some way.   The transformation may be inspirational, more work to be done, heartbreaking or a push forward in the right direction (when upright.)



Corbie, Suzanne; Tarot Workshop; double-disc audio

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