2’s and Shadow Work




The tarot cards that are 2s symbolize the importance of duality, shadow work and embracing paradox in our lives.

The 2 of Swords is holding onto 2 sides of a topic or debate, understanding where both sides are coming from without taking one side over the other.  2 of coins (the coins are within an infinity sign) shows the ups and downs of our material life, learning to find a balance between saving and spending money or other resources.  2 of cups is where the opposites of masculinity and femininity can interact and respect their differences while being fair and equal.  2 of Wands is balancing more than one passion or venture in life in an effort to expand our horizons.  The high priestess is balancing what you know consciously and unconsciously.  Justice and Judgement cards often show up in readings concerning legal or court matters.  One way of interpreting them is justice on earth followed by judgement in the afterlife.  Again, in the duality of the 2s this is the discernment between right and wrong.

On a personal level, recognizing and facing our own internal duality is done with shadow work.

Below is short video I created on one way to work with your own shadow.



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