Three groups of 7 with tarot

In her book, Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom, Rachel Pollack describes how the tarot cards can be separated into three groups of seven. The three groups may represent different experiences of life. One way to divide the three groups may be: personal development, societal influence and spiritual awareness.

We each have different life experiences to draw upon from the archetypes shown in the tarot cards. Each card aligns with the same theme through all three groups. below are some of the ideas of how each group of cards may relate to the three themes of life.

Magician-Strength-Devil: Magician: We figure out our own natural abilities and powers to manifest early on and utilize them freely. Strenth: In time, we know that we have to curb or control certain wants/desires to achieve long term goals that we want more than immediate gratification. Devil: Outward forces beyond our control that will seek to manipulate and lure us in by these weaknesses we work so hard to keep under control.

High Priestess-Hermit-Tower: We obtain insights initially through our intuition (High Priestess) then we may pursue more spiritual insights through solitary activities (Hermit) and other times we have sudden insights from external sources (Tower.)

Empress- WOF – Star: We create with the materials our environment provides and grow from there (Empress) sometimes life gives us great bounty without any rhyme or reason (WOF) yet we still aspire to something greater than what we have accomplished and no matter what we create – it always seems to fall short of the ideal we envisioned (Star) and this keeps us moving towards it.

Emperor-Justice-Moon: We learn to follow the rules of the family with father usually in charge (Emperor) to set an example of rules to follow. Then we make sure to follow the rules or laws of society or we deal with the justice system (Justice.) Finally we wrestle with the mysteries of spiritual rules or laws which aren’t so concrete and discernable and forever debated, inferred and obscure to the material world we inhabit (Moon.)

Hierophant-Hanged Man – Sun: Our family, teachers, and culture guides our beliefs in early life (Hierophant), giving us a sense of right and wrong. As we mature we start to look inward for our moral compass as we may find the traditional ways may not match our modern life (Hanged Man). The journey ends by following the light (Sun) the source of all life giving energy that unifies all life on our planet.

Lovers – Death – Judgement: We are born with a passion to create and later procreate. (Lovers) as this creates more life and joy. We next realize everything comes in cycles and will end (Death) which clears way to create something new. Finally, we look to a higher realm to discover if what has been created is worth resurrecting and continuing on for infinity.

Chariot-Temperance-World: The final group can represent how we focus our desires/beliefs. Early on we just plow through (Chariot) to obtain what we believe is the way to go. As we adapt to society, we recognize that merging with others (Temperance) and joining forces with others is needed to effect the changes we would like to experience. Finally, after trials, tests and patience, if the ideas prove sound then there will be a universal acceptance around the World.


The Element of Fire in Astrology, Myth and Entertainment



Prometheus stole fire from Zeus’ lightning and gave it to mankind. 


In the beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth,
the earth was a formless wasteland,
and darkness covered the abyss,
while a mighty wind swept over the waters.
Then God said,

“Let there be light.”   ~Genesis 1

The light or fire element represents freewill, exuberance, creativity, belief and prophecy. The fire signs  in astrology are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. In tarot the Wands or Batons represent fire.  The light of the fire from the Sun is essential to creating life on earth.    In astrology, the Sun shows the life force of the native as well as representing leaders and other prominent people.

There are three fire signs: Aries (forceful spark of new life that wants to be first), Leo (fire that is the center of the community, flair for drama and protector) and Sagittarius (fire of higher knowledge, open-mindedness, and international affairs.)

Of the four elements, fire, air, earth, and water, fire is the only one that is animated. It is constantly flickering, moving about, mesmerizing anyone watching and it exudes an enormous amount of heat. The other elements can be very still, it takes the heat of fire to move or change them.

People with an abundance of fire in their astrology charts are always moving, changing, and creating. They can be overwhelming at times. Forceful, willful, and provocative, they must have freedom and fun.

It is very difficult to keep a fire person down, like trying to extinguish a fire that suddenly starts. It takes a lot of effort and if not done correctly, it quickly becomes out of control.

The color red represents fire and it is no coincidence that there are red houses in every town called fire stations, always at attention to respond at a moments notice for when an uncontrolled fire breaks out.

Fire is not always destructive. It’s needed to cook a hot meal. Blacksmiths and chemists would be at a loss to produce new materials without it. Fire from candles is traditionally used for creating a romantic ambiance. People certainly enjoy the fire of the sun on a summer day at the beach or sitting around a fire on a cold winter evening.

Fire can also provide awareness. It can be illuminating and enlightening. In Greek mythology, the human race was freed from the domination of the Titans because of fire. Prometheus was quite fond of humans. Zeus did not care for mankind and wanted to prevent them from ever having fire which he knew would allow them to become wise and powerful and obtain the ability to push the gods out of their lives.   Prometheus stole fire from Zeus’ lightning and gave it to mankind. 

This same light from Prometheus is represented in the creation of the Olympic fire.  The sacred flame is lit in Greece in an ancient ceremony where women representing priestesses of an ancient Greek religion create fire from the sun. In ancient times these priestesses or vestals protected the sacred flame which was believed to protect the Roman Empire.    This flame is said to represents the purity, peace, harmony and goodwill between men.

Fire has led people out of the darkness, figuratively and literally, for thousands of years.  The fire of a lighthouse allows ships at sea to find their way safely home in the dark of night. Fire is also about hope and believing in miracles.  So it is no surprise that a lighthouse is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.  In Alexandria, Egypt, the  first lighthouse called Pharos was built around 280 BC.    The light house had a special mirror which could reflect light almost 40 miles away. It is claimed that this mirror was used to burn enemy ships.

Reference to light  is often made in religion and entertainment in relation to life after death. One humorous example was in the movie Something About Mary when Ted (Matt Dillon) accidentally feeds a dog (Puffy) too much of a tranquilizer and the dog goes into cardiac arrest.  As he frantically tries to revive Puffy, administering CPR, he screams at the dog, “Stay away from the light!”  Like the ships out in the dark ocean, it is believed that souls seek the light to find their way home in the afterlife.

Fire is light and removes darkness and mystery. It can be very difficult for individuals who have mostly fire in their charts to keep a secret. Sagittarians especially are known to put their foot in their mouths and blurt things out. They are usually just speaking their truth.   Honesty is a fire’s policy.

Fire reminds us that there is always hope in any given situation, no matter how bleak. This was illustrated in another Greek tale of Pandora’s box. After it was opened releasing the swift ghosts of plaque, warfare, jealousy, hatred, and all of the other evils of mankind, the very last thing to fly out slowly was a little bug called Hope.  This was also shown in the movie as miraculously Puffy survived.

Fire people can be the most charming, entertaining, and energetic individuals. They are honest, loyal, creative, and courageous. They are also the most hopeful. When life gets dark, fire signs are the ones who will lighten the mood, inspire the weary and light the way home, safe and sound.