Weekly Astrology Forecast July 14 – 21 2019

Jul 14 2019    Sun    Opp    Pluto
   21°Cn53′ D    21°Cp53′ R    Tr
Sun in Cancer will be opposing Pluto. This aspect can cause some extreme changes in some part of your life. While this can turn into battles with authority, at the workplace or in career matters.  This aspect can also be used positively to turn your life around. If you feel yourself getting angry about something, stop, breath, think about it.  What is making you feel this way? What is the most positive and loving way to deal with it? Is it really worth battling over this particular issue?

There may be some major changes happening in your life with relationships, finances, education, home, family, children, or health related matters, try not to get carried away and do anything that you may regret later.

When one door closes, another one opens. Remain positive and constructive in times of adversity. You may realize that the only thing to fear is fear itself. Use your energies towards something positive and you will be greatly rewarded in the end.

Pluto is a very powerful planet. If used correctly, it can transform your life to the highest height. If not, it could help destroy you, so be aware of how you focus your energy for the next two days and use it positively.

One beneficial way to use this energy is to clean out any clutter at home.  Recycle and/or throw out anything that is no longer useful.  This aspect may be obsessive at times so focus that intense energy towards research or learning something new.

Things that you do today and tomorrow could set you on the track of success or failure, it’s all up to you!

Beware of abuse from those in positional power.  Be careful when dealing with any authority/government figures or in professional matters as things could become intense.

Possible abuses or rudeness from people in the workplace are likely in the next couple of days, try not to let their hurtful and callous behavior cause you to lose your temper.   Use any stressful experience with others to make yourself stronger and wiser.

Jul 16 2019    Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse        24°Cp04′ D
A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Sun casts the Earth’s shadow on the Moon.

(NOTE: In a solar eclipse the shadow of the Moon is cast on the Earth but in a Lunar Eclipse the Earth’s shadow is cast on the Moon.)
Solar Eclipses are considered more powerful than Lunar eclipses and have a longer lasting effect.  Often a Lunar Eclipse brings to a head something that began with the previous New Moon  or Solar Eclipse.
We just had a solar eclipse on July 2nd at 10 degrees of Cancer.  So something that began there may be winding up now with this full moon lunar eclipse or continuing to the next step.

Because the Moon is full and bright, matters that may have been hidden may come out into the light around the time of the lunar eclipse.  The effects of Lunar eclipses last about 6 months.

Eclipses are powerful and may be helpful or overwhelming in their effects!  Around the time of the lunar eclipse you may find something that you have been searching for or a mystery may be revealed to you.  If you or someone you know has been having some health concerns, this lunar eclipse may reveal what the underlying issues are so that they can be treated successfully.

Whether pleasurable or challenging, eclipses are usually hectic times in general when the air is charged with electricity.  People may be feeling more stressed than usual due to the eclipse energy.  So be prepared for people rushing around or not being very pleasant while out in public or on social media.

Relationship issues may become the focus of energies around a lunar eclipse since it is a relationship aspect of the opposition, Sun and Moon, masculine and feminine.
Or this eclipse may bring an internal struggle between following your instincts/cravings (Moon) or doing what society expects (Sun).

The opposition falls in Cancer and Capricorn so home/family vs government/authority/public reputation.  So the stress could very well center around our family or country opposed to authority or the world.

These are cardinal signs so it may start off a new course of action in these areas.  Security vs taking care of families will be highlighted.

These are general descriptions which can be described more precisely by studying one’s natal chart, with exact birth time, as the exact location of the eclipse in the natal chart shows more accurately how this eclipse may affect an individual.

Contact me if you would like to know how this lunar eclipse may manifest in your life!

Jul 17 2019    Venus    Opp    Saturn
   16°Cn39′ D    16°Cp39′ R    Tr
Distance from others. Inhibitions. Utility over beauty. Exacting distinctions. Serious or traditional social matters.

Venus opposing Saturn may cause some feelings of frustrations in relationships and possibly some loneliness.  You may experience problems in expressing your feelings now or find that others do not reciprocate in a way that you hoped.

Now is the time to put feelings aside for the good of the family, business or other organization.  On a positive side, you can get more work done now as you will be able to put your feelings aside and focus on what matters.  This is a good time to spend with people who are much older or younger than yourself where one is in a teaching position.

Dealing with things realistically when it comes to Venus issues: money, socializing, love, children, personal possessions, beauty and art will work out for the best.  Also, finding the capacity to work hard, doing without, and attend to issues surrounding the elderly or handicapped may also be at the forefront at this time.

The best way to handle this energy is to be organized, realistic and prepared to work hard for whatever you aspire to in the aforementioned Venusian matters.

Whether it is a business partner or spouse, outlining the exact details of who is responsible for what will go a long way to improving (and keeping) your partnership solid.  Compromising on practical matters, while not fun, will benefit you both tremendously and help build a firmer foundation for the future.  This aspect may not be the most enjoyable but it is very necessary and should be taken seriously.

Jul 18 2019    Venus    Tri    Neptune
   18°Cn31′ D    18°Pi31′ R    Tr
Sensitivity and taste in love and art. Enjoyment of a fantasy. Accurate aesthetic judgments. Desire for distant things.

Romance is in the air on as the two planets of pleasure, love and fantasy for an aspect. This is also good time for creating something new, art, or reading a good novel.

You may want to escape reality for a little while and just enjoy some movie or other form of entertainment. Spending time by a lake, river, or ocean may also be soothing and inspirational.

This is not the time for enjoying some aesthetics. Redecorating or creating an atmosphere of comfort will go well now.

This is also a beneficial time for working on anything related to water, chemicals, or spiritual pursuits.

Jul 19 2019    Mercury enters Cancer
You place importance on communication within the family. Information about your family and its background is also important to you. For instance you may like to collect family photos or study family history. You look after yourself and others by communicating emotional issues.

Mercury entering Cancer will cause more communications surrounding mothers, home, family, real estate and patriotic matters.  Expect more sentimental and emotional discussions during this time.  People will express their need for security and protection.  Although things may be quieter with Mercury in a mute sign, feelings run deep.  Being more sensitive and swaying people emotionally rather than using facts and figures will be more successful now.

Jul 21 2019    Venus    Opp    Pluto
   21°Cn43′ D    21°Cp43′ R    Tr
Relationship crisis. Manipulation in relationships. Jealousy. Sexual tension. Territorial disputes. Obsession.

Today Venus makes a hard aspect to Pluto. This may manifest in different ways since Venus can signify: money, beauty, childbirth, jewelry, luxury items, music, art, fashion, poetry, gardening, flowers, and very often relationships. Pluto represents powerful underground forces, mafia, plumbing, organized crime, gangs, ISIL, drug dealers, human traffickers, drastic transformations and upheavals which end in permanent changes.

The stand-off between Venus and Pluto may be some shocks or upsets in relationships. Oppositions make us aware of what is going on. Things may get unexpectedly intense in a relationship. This may be a positive or intense experience which will forever alter both sides.

If you notice that things are getting more emotional or dramatic than usual, try to keep a cool head and know that this is a short-lived aspect (a day or two). If things do get to be too much, try to avoid any kind of confrontation until a later time.

If relationships are not affected, be sure to keep an eye on finances. There may be some secret siphoning of funds when you least expect it, in other words, identity theft or any type of theft. Avoid doing financial transactions on insecure networks and double check your receipts.

For the next couple of days it is important with relationships and finances to be “above board” about everything.  At the same time, be secure with your money and personal possessions. If you feel suspicious about something, try to be level-headed.

Jul 21 2019    Sun    Cnj    Mercury
   28°Cn28′ D    28°Cn28′ R   

Mental strength. Intense thought. Consciousness of personal intent. Stimulus to communicate in speech or writing. Effectiveness in coordinating one’s various activities. Mobility — travel. Ability to meet up to situational demands.

This is a good time to brainstorm and come up with ideas regarding how to organize finances and other practical matters.  Figuring out what to do with all that you have at your disposal, including personal talents.

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