Weekly Astrology Forecast July 8 – 13 2019

Jul 8 2019    Venus   Sxt    Uranus
   06°Cn08′ D    06°Ta08′ D    Tr
Excitability over interactions with others. Unique expression of affections. Sharing excitement. Mental/artistic creativity.

Expect some excitement or surprise events of a positive nature in relationships, with young women, and possibly technical devices or on social media.  Venus rules love, affection, women, money and luxury items and Uranus represents the internet, new technology, rebellion, and shocking events.
This positive combination may work out to benefit women, money and relationships in a new and unusual way.  People may express their love in unusual ways around this time and it is received well.  This is a good time to make money through electronics, inventions or from thinking outside the box.  People want to express their individuality in partnerships now which will improve things for everyone.
In general this is a good time to meet new people whom you would not normally interact with

Jul 9 2019    Sun    Opp    Saturn
   17°Cn12′ D    17°Cp12′ R    Tr
Difficulties in maintaining control over one’s life. Problems, obstacles, limitations, inhibitions and delays. Feelings of insecurity which stimulate ambition and the desire to prove one’s self-worth. Difficult judgments and decisions.

Around this time one may face trials, tribulations and delays in dealings with authority or reaching one’s goal.  The hurdles one must overcome may become clear now and the next course of action decided – give up or trudge through the hard work and sacrifices necessary.

This can be a depressing time but one that divides those who reach their goals and those who do not.  How important is it to you to obtain a certain achievement?  Is it really worth the time, energy and toil?  Continue on and face possible failure or glory?  Only by being realistic will one pass through this phase successfully.

Authority figures may put obstacles in your path or deny your wishes.  How you respond to this will decide your future.  There is also a karmic element to this as Saturn is the planet of Karma and the Sun is our life force, they are natural enemies to each other. Saturn may cause some leaders, politicians, and other prominent people to learn some harsh lessons if they have taken too much for granted. Saturn may release some of the “coming around that goes around” now and any transgressions may come back to haunt some people while those who have followed the rules and tried to do what was right may receive their just rewards.

Jul 11 2019    Sun    Tri    Neptune
   18°Cn37′ D    18°Pi37′ R    Tr
Intuition is heightened with the Sun in this water sign, so spiritual and religious feelings may also be more powerful now.  The Sun trine Neptune brings out the surreal, imaginative and possibly confusing nature of life around this time.

You may be feeling more idealistic with plans and relationships.  Trusting your instincts today as they will lead to you where you need to be or what you need to do.

On a less positive side, people may be feeling a bit lazier now.  This is the time for creating beautiful memories that will last a life time. This is a wonderful time to enjoy photography, movies, music, the beach, ocean, or anything creative and dealing with pictures.

Jul 14 2019    Sun    Opp    Pluto
  21°Cn53′ D    21°Cp53′ R    Tr
Sun in Cancer will be opposing Pluto. This aspect can cause some extreme changes in some part of your life. While this can turn into battles with authority, at the workplace or in career matters.  This aspect can also be used positively to turn your life around. If you feel yourself getting angry about something, stop, breath, think about it.  What is making you feel this way? What is the most positive and loving way to deal with it? Is it really worth battling over this particular issue?

There may be some major changes happening in your life with relationships, finances, education, home, family, children, or health related matters, try not to get carried away and do anything that you may regret later.

When one door closes, another one opens. Remain positive and constructive in times of adversity. You may realize that the only thing to fear is fear itself. Use your energies towards something positive and you will be greatly rewarded in the end.

Pluto is a very powerful planet. If used correctly, it can transform your life to the highest height. If not, it could help destroy you, so be aware of how you focus your energy for the next two days and use it positively.

One beneficial way to use this energy is to clean out any clutter at home.  Recycle and/or throw out anything that is no longer useful.  This aspect may be obsessive at times so focus that intense energy towards research or learning something new.

Things that you do today and tomorrow could set you on the track of success or failure, it’s all up to you!

Beware of abuse from those in positional power.  Be careful when dealing with any authority/government figures or in professional matters as things could become intense.

Possible abuses or rudeness from people in the workplace are likely in the next couple of days, try not to let their hurtful and callous behavior cause you to lose your temper.   Use any stressful experience with others to make yourself stronger and wiser.

Jul 8 2019    Mercury   Cnj    Mars
   04°Le25′ R    04°Le25′ D    Tr

Mercury will retrograde to conjunct Mars 3 times this summer, June 18th, July 8th, and finally Sept 3rd.  So something similar or related of a Mercury/Mars nature may be experienced around these dates.)

Decisiveness. Mental assertiveness. Honesty. Practical solutions. Technical skills. Fast work, rapid progress.

Mercury, planet of mind, information and young people conjoins the planet of war, fighting and aggression today.  This is a day when arguments may flare up, problems with daily commute and possibly car or other mechanical trouble.

This is not a good time to try to come to peaceful solutions however it is an auspicious time for dogmatic speeches and writing.  Threats, demands and hostile communications may flare up now.

Mercury is conjoining Mars for a third final time.  The first time Mercury conjoined Mars on June 28th, then again on Sept 3rd.  Mercury stationed direct on Sept 5th and now conjoins Mars one final time in 2017 on Sept 16th.   On these three dates that Mercury conjoins Mars: June 28th, Sept 3rd, and Sept 16th – similar or related events may occur.

Jul 11 2019    Mar    Sqr    Uranus
   06°Le12′ D    06°Ta12′ D    Tr
Rugged individualism. The will to fight for one’s freedom from restraint. Technical and mechanical problems and solutions. Inner tension and stress. Impulsive actions. Efforts to meet personal needs and interests. Accidental conditions.
This is an accident prone aspect which can be caused by doing things suddenly or without preparation.  Now is not the time to act out on a whim.  Avoid dangerous activities as thing may not turn out as expected.  Others may act out suddenly and disrupt your plans.  Prepare for this and reroute your activities accordingly without making things worse.

Problems may center around mechanical objects, cars, and electricity. If you must deal with these thing, be extra careful and don’t do anything on the spur of the moment and/or don’t try to do the work of a professional.   In other words, if your car breaks down or there are electrical issues in your environment, it is best to pay for an expert in these areas and not trying to do things yourself.  Expect possible problems or disruptions with cars, traffic, machines, and electricity around this time.

There may be a breakthrough now in a situation that may have seemed fixed or impenetrable. You may suddenly be presented an opportunity to do something new which may allow you to break out of an old path or out of a rut.  Things may be more exciting, eventful and possibly stressful at times.  Going with the flow of events and dealing with things as they come is the best way to handle this aspect.

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