Weekly Astrology Forecast Aug 11 – 18 2019

Aug 11 2019    Jupiter Station Direct
       14°Sg30′ D
Jupiter has been retrograde since April 10, 2019 and today will station direct.  This signifies that something positive or some sort of expansion that was held back since last March will start to work or manifest.

At this time court cases, partnerships, travel, higher education, foreign people/places, or religion, luck and possibly money may finally arrive.  Something that you may have been struggling for the past four months may now start working or work out.

This is a positive time to begin a journey, whether mental or physical and to explore new ideas and philosophies.  Now is a positive time to publish, post blogs, videos, or anything online as it may become more successful.  Something that you posted back in March may start to become popular now for example.  Another way this may work out is something that you posted on ebay in the past few months may suddenly now be sold or get a lot of bids.

Aug 11 2019    Uranus Stations Retrograde
        06°Ta36′ R         Tr
When Uranus changes direction, significant world events tend to occur, especially those including planes, space, internet, and technology.  All of the things ruled by Uranus.   Revolutions, accidents, and changes which are completely unexpected.

On a personal level, you may experience some sudden or shocking news or event in your life around this time. Some things that occur may not be finished or resolved until Uranus stations direct on Jan 10, 2020.

Outer planet Uranus stations retrograde! Some recent explosive news has been three mass shootings in the US in less than a week and massive protests in Hong Kong.  Prominent news symbolized by the last Uranus Retrograde in August 2018 was an explosion in Venezuela that was alleged to be a drone assassination attempt on the Venezuelan president. Also in the news was a meteor crashing in Greenland.
Before that Uranus stationed retrograde was on August 3, 2017 when there was a terrorist attack in Australia was foiled by the police.  They avoided an attack which would have become a huge incident.  Other events included clashes in Venezuelan elections and North Korea firing a long range missile proving that they could attack the U.S. Before that Uranus stationed retrograde on .July 29, 2016 when there was a terrorist attack on France on Bastille Day.  I wrote about the astrology of it at the time here.

The year before that, Uranus went station retrograde was on July 21st 2014, four days after Malaysian plane MH17 was shot down over the Ukraine killing almost 300 people aboard.

Aug 11 2019    Mercury enters Leo

Mercury re-enters Leo for the 2nd time after retrograding back into Cancer.  Mercury initially entered Leo on June 26th 2019 and is now re-entering Leo.  This means that something similar or related to an event around June 26th may be occurring for some people.
An enthusiastic quest for knowledge. Being proud of  learning abilities, and believing in the saying that learning is fun. There may be a tendency to be a know-it-all.

Mercury in Leo is loud, proud and may be fixed in opinions.  At this time the news stories may be more fun or outrageous than usual.  There may be some ‘pomp and circumstance’, awards, fun, contests, celebration, parties . . .  surrounding Mercurial topics: news, transportation, communications, information, data, accounting, emails, cell phones, books, literature, schools, young people, learning, memory, intellect, standardized tests, stationary products, pens/pencils, measurements, statistics, arguments/debates, accountants, teachers, messengers, diplomats, journalists, bankers, inventors, speakers/speeches, booksellers, clerks, etc.

Aug 14 2019    Sun    Cnj    Venus
21°Le11′ D    21°Le11′ D    Tr
Venus will also be changing from her Morning Star to her Evening Star phase beginning on August 14th.   This indicates that Venus’s influence will become more peaceful than warlike as when it last entered it’s Morning star position last October 2018.

Morning Star Venus rises before the Sun each morning while Evening Star Venus sets after the Sun.  Astrologer Ronnie Dreyer writes, “It was said that the Morning Star’s [Venus] appearance in the eastern sky roused the soldiers to war, while the Evening Star’s arrival on the western sky induced passionate lovemaking and followed by restful sleep.  As a result, the aggressive Morning Star and the soothing Evening Star exemplified the two faces of Inanna [Venus] – 1) the wrathful Goddess of War and 2) the tranquil Love and Fertility deity.”

In natal chart analysis, when Venus is in her Morning/Evening Star positions,  Dreyer writes that Morning Star Venus, ” . . . it is more likely to convey her jealous, possessive aspects as well as proud, victorious qualities . . .The Evening Star, on the other hand, signifies the more passive, peaceful and loving Venus noted for her sensuality, beauty and facility for co-operation and harmony.”
Venus will remain in this Evening Star position from now through June 3, 2020.  In general events and activities related to Venus will be more active and eventful during that time.  New relationships may start and be more peaceful and smooth.
Aug 15  Full Moon
22 Aquarius 24′
This Full Moon will be at 22 degrees of Aquarius, the sign of friendship, humanity and fixed viewpoints that can be radical. The full Moon may bring about the fruition of whatever began at the last new Moon.

We have all heard the effects of the full Moon where emergency room visits escalate and people act a bit more “lunatic” than usual. Some claim that this is an old superstition but it is a scientific fact that the ocean tides rise as the ocean on the side of Earth facing the moon gets pulled toward the Moon!! This creates high tide and pulls the ocean water away from the earth!

Although there doesn’t seem to be any scientific proof of the full Moon effects on humans, the fact that the human body is made up of approximately 80% of water, it is easy to understand why the full Moon may have such an effect on people, especially those with an emphasis of water in their charts (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces).

During this full Moon in Aquarius it is a good time to follow your goals and activities with groups. There may be some exciting developments now. People may be fixed and extreme in their opinions and this may cause some unrest but this is the time to put everything out on the table and choose solutions that benefit everyone. It is the time to put the welfare of humanity ahead of personal or egotistical satisfaction.

The last new Moon was on July 31st at 8 degree of Leo. Where these two points fall in a natal chart may show some event that began and will continues to flourish now as the Moon is full.

Aug 16 2019    Mercury    Sqr    Uranus
   06°Le36′ D    06°Ta36′ R    Tr
This causes missed messages, computer problems, delays in traveling, cell phone problems, lost emails/texts, electricity going out . . . anything that deals with computers, communication, traveling, electricity, etc, may be disrupted.

Give others the benefit of the doubt if they say that they didn’t get your message as they probably didn’t.

Back in the old days, before voice mail, we used to get busy signals when we tried to call a friend who was on another call. There was nothing more irritating than that “Eh Eh Eh” tone the phone company used, created by some evil genius at the phone company to make people go berserk. This can be the effect of Mercury square Uranus.

Speaking of genius, Mercury and Uranus are not all bad news together as they create brilliant thoughts, creative impulse, new and improved approaches to life. So now is the time to come up with solutions for any problems.  This is the perfect time to think ‘outside the box.’

Today you may finally figure out how to fix that computer problem or other machinery that has been broken for a while, devise a new successful business plan, write some incredible science fiction, master a new subject, anything new and novel that interests you – today will be the best day for it.

If you do have to travel today, leave early and expect delays or obstacles along the way. If you are communicating to many people, follow up afterwards to be sure that they received your message and understood exactly what you meant. Try not to rush through things or mistakes and misunderstandings may cause problems.

Be inventive and unique in your thinking, communications or traveling and it may be a big hit!


Aug 18 2019    Mars enters Virgo

Mars, the planet of aggression and passion enters Virgo.  Virgo rules small animals so be careful to avoid any aggressive animals if you live near wildlife.  Also take care with any fur babies as our four legged family members may get more assertive and active than usual and could hurt themselves or destroy something.  If you have any pets, give them some activity to work off their energy.  New toys and playing catch will help, even giving them a job to do may go well.

For humans, Virgo is the detail work of our lives, the day-to-day.  Now is a good time to embark on any cleaning projects, reorganizing, and getting any work done.  Health matters may come up and need to be dealt with.  This is a good time to start a new diet or exercise routine.

Mars will be in Virgo until October 4th so there may be arguments and aggression in general over health care, workers rights, and service oriented occupations.  There may be more strikes or protests in the next two months than usual.  In general, people may tend to be more critical and arguing over the little details.  Be aware to not get too caught up in arguments over little things as they could go on and on.

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