Weekly Astrology Forecast Aug 19 – 25 2019

Aug 21 2019    Venus enters Virgo
People may become more practical in financial and love affairs.  Now is the time to clean up and organize personal possessions  Heath matters may also be emphasized now and people will do well with diets and exercise routines.  Avoid getting too caught up in the numbers, stats, as you may lose sight of the bigger pictures with love and money.

Avoid being too critical of loved ones.  Enjoy time spent with animals and work.  You may want to redecorate or reorganize your work area.  You may find satisfaction in helping others and being of service.  Analyzing health related topics, or issues related to women may produce sound results.

Aug 21 2019    Mercury    Tri    Jupiter
   14°Le39′ D    14°Sg39′ D    Tr
Good judgment. Taking in the full picture. Speculative thought. Positive thinking. Interest in learning. Teaching.

This is an auspicious time to take a new class, publish works, travel, give and receive information.  There may be many theories or ideas bandying about.  Some may feel very confident in their beliefs or judgements now.  Stories may get exaggerated and/or spread around far and wide.   Using this time to research, spread information, teach or learn new things is most favored under this aspect.  This is also a good time to embark upon any educational projects/plans.

Mercury represents the facts, clues or precise data of a situation while Jupiter provides common sense, morals and ‘the big picture.’  When these two planets of intellect work together you get a perfect blend of knowledge and know-how.  Information is collected accurately and spread or used in the best way.

Aug 23 2019    Sun    enters Virgo
Now is the time to get to work with the Sun in the detailed, service-oriented sign of Virgo.  Leaders will be organizing with detail exactly what needs to be corrected and what needs to be done.
In personal life, this is the time to organize and decide what to keep and what to discard.   This is a good time to attend to any health related matters. A good time to start a new diet or cleaning up your environment.
Now is also a positive time for working with numbers, writing, organizing and working on the specifics of whatever topic concerns you.

Virgo teaches us that taking on a huge project by working on it little by little allows you to achieve great things.  Taking a practical approach to material concerns is highlighted now. However, be careful not to be too critical or exacting in what you do or it could be detrimental to morale.

Aug 24 2019    Venus    Cnj    Mars
   04°Vi07′ D    04°Vi07′ D    Tr

Mars conjoins with Venus today.  The last time the two planets of love came together was on Oct 5, 2017 so it has been a while.  Something similar or related may occur now with relationships, creative projects or passionate feelings.
Conjunctions can denote beginnings of a new cycle and with Venus and Mars this could be many things including: love, creativity, money, sports, anything you have a passion for.
Emotions will be felt and expressed powerfully around this time which can be positive or negative. Keep things positive by initiating a loving action now which may become bigger and better than expected.
Social events may be more eventful and possibly become out of hand.  Try to keep things calm if activities get carried away.
This is a wonderful time to do something romantic, create something artistic or enjoy your favorite hobby.

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