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Stop NWO Idiots

3 thoughts on “Stop NWO Idiots”

  1. Japan and India are using IVERMECTIN , the 5 eyes countries plus mainland Europe are being destroyed from within , imo …. only these countries are being paralized , being forced into “lockdowns” , not even China is doing this or Russia or Japan or India , Africa etc …. INDIA IS USING IVERMECTIN “OVER THE COUNTER” …. this is why we’re not hearing anything about INDIA now .

  2. Thanks DE . this is frightening but knowing the truth is better than living in ignorance like so many people at my son’s work place , terrible how ignorant they are and so hostile to my son , so unwilling to see the truth even after many wild , drunken parties held at no 10. last Dec 2020 ,whilst we were locked up in our homes , and cocaine found all over The House of Commons the same time the wild no. 10. parties was Leaked by some Tory MPs . People at my son’s work are so ignorant , it’s frightening they aren’t waking up . what has to happen to wake them up ? , i’ve just joined your Patreon a minute ago , it’s 31st Dec. so excited i’ve just joined ! i used to be Suki in the comments section when you had your YT channel , many thanks , linda , Wales .

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