Astrology Forecast Week of April 2 – 7 2019

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Apr 2 2019    Mercury    Cnj    Neptune
17°Pi08′ D    17°Pi08′ D
The use of imagination. Accurate intuitive thinking. Appreciation of subtleties. Artistic appreciation. Vision.

Illusion, delusion, confusion and working in seclusion are emphasized at this time.  This is a positive time for creative thinking and imagination.  This is not the best time to work out facts and figures as details may get muddled due to some missing or confusing data.

This is auspicious for researching the ocean, spirituality, or other Neptune-related endeavor.    New information may come out around this time which may cause more confusion, conspiracies and/or depression/melancholy.

Don’t take alleged facts at face value as propaganda and subliminal influences may be at work with advertising or other political campaigns.  This time is rife with misinformation and misleading ideas.

However this is a wonderful time to create or enjoy poetry, fiction, art, music, psychic phenomena, or spending time by the water.  Helping the less fortunate and even spending some time alone may be most productive and satisfying now.

Apr 5 2019   New Moon
15 Aries
New Moons are a good time to begin something in the area where it falls from your Sun or Rising sign.

Initiating something starting on the New Moon or within the following 2 weeks will be auspicious.  Then at the next Full Moon on April 19th you will see things come to completion or reach the next step in whatever began at the New Moon.

Below are some general ideas of where you might be starting something in your life based on the New Moon location from your Sun sign or Ascendant.

Read the meanings for your Sun and Rising Signs for two different possibilities of how this New Moon will affect you:

Aries: The New Moon in your sign means that a new look or way of meeting people could lead to a significant partnership or other relationship by the end of the month.

Taurus:  Doing something new in your ‘alone time’ or wherever you work in solitude, for charity or sleeping, could lead to improvements in your health, daily work and for any pets you have!

Gemini:  Making an effort to begin a new friendship or group could lead the way to fantastic experiences in more fun, entertainment, and romance by the end of the month!

Cancer: Doing something new in your career or for boosting your public status will give you improvements for your home,family, and real estate later this month.

Leo: Embark upon a trip, class or new website now will give you benefits and/or improvements with your siblings, communications, new skills, and possibly with neighbors by the Full Moon.

Virgo: Investing in a joint financial project, dealing with taxes or doing something new to bring in more income from the public will give you some positive payback in your personal finances and feelings of self-worth at the end of the month!

Libra: Doing something new with partners, in litigation or dealings with the public will help improve your image, health, or general outlook by the Full Moon at the end of the month.

Scorpio:  Start something new in regards to health, pets or daily routine and by the Full Moon on Oct 18th you should see results in charity, solitude and dealings with behind-the-scenes activities.

Sagittarius:  Turning over a new leaf in dealings with children, sports, or entertainment may lead to remarkable results with friends and groups by months end.

Capricorn:  Making new changes in your home life or real estate will show results later this month in your career and public standing.

Aquarius:  Embarking upon a new mission in relation to neighbors, siblings, communications (social media) or around the neighborhood may lead to some powerful results in higher learning, foreign affairs or publicity (publications, internet).

Pisces:  Beginning something new with your finances or personal property may pay off later on this month with new income, tax rewards or joint resources becoming available.

Apr 7 2019    Mercury    Sxt    Saturn
20°Pi06′ D    20°Cp06′ D
Mercury sextiles Saturn 3 times during the current retrograde cycle: Feb 19th, March 20th and April 7th.  This indicates that similar or related events of may happen around these times.
Now is the time to come up with a plan.  Any schedule or organization that you make today will be sound. Thinking long-term and seeking the advice of more experienced minds will work is best at this time.  Doing and detail work, crunching numbers may be most satisfying now.  Anything that you want to accomplish in the future, now is the time to figure out exactly how you plan on achieving it.   News or information may arise which may be helpful in building your future.  Intelligent planning is called for now.

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