YouTube to Delete Content Alleging Presidential Election Fraud (

2 thoughts on “Youtube joins FB + Twitter Censoring News events

  1. Chinese government has been censoring what Chinese people can see. MSM has been censoring what the west can see . Now Twitter FB and YT are bringing in worldwide information censoring – world wide communism brought to you by your favourite tech giants. Unfortunatelly now they are targeting websites that show the truth about health , vaccines , the election ..anything opposite to the desired narrative by labelling them a National Security Risk (eg ..ChildrensHealthDefence by Robert Kennedy jnr ) Freedom.of thought, speech , information gone . You cannot question the government anymore ( ofcourse unless it’s Trump cos you can attack him all you want apparently).

  2. Stupid thing is the alot of people who think Chinese government is bad for cesoring information in China think that what FB twitter and YT are doing is great. How blind can peolpe be .

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