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Will MM try to ‘Diana’ Will?

Article: https://www.womenzmag.com/celebrities/prince-harry-could-be-king/

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5 thoughts on “Will MM try to ‘Diana’ Will?”

  1. Harry could not be the Regent, He is no longer on the list of Royal Advisors to the State, I think Celt news had something about this a while ago, there are meant to be 5 and they had to get another one, now that neither Andrew or Harry are listed. As for Regency, it would never be Harry, it would probably be Catherine as her commendable loyalty to the Crown has proven her reliable, with Advisors Anne, Edward and some close Peerages to the Crown. I could see Harry and his line being removed from succession too.

  2. Purple could be for royal, the purple dye was once very expensive and only royalty could afford it, so it became associated with royalty.

    I dont see why Meghan would announce attentions of assassinating William, Charles is next in line and he could be there for twenty years, so George would be able to be King, and it seems stupid timing because they have their review in March, I really hope that Harry is removed from the line of succession, he can be, it is easier to remove his right to the throne that to remove his title, the British people would never allow MM to be Queen consort, there would be a revolution and Meghan Antoinette may revive the guillotine. LOL

  3. Do you remember Hillary`s concesson speech? Everybody on the stage was wearing black and purple. These people are occultists, propabably all of them. We all watched how they united in 2020, from bottom to top in the entire system. It will not be easy to get rid of this group. Purple is the color of intuition, occult wisdom, witchcraft. It is also the color of royalty. We can assume HIllary and Harris are top of the range and this is the sole reason why Harris was chosen. We live in one reality that has its sense of beauty, order, justice, fairness, ethic rules. They live in a completely different reality. They feel superior because there is no restraint in their world, they prize themselves on being at the top of the food chain, hence Jesus calling them “ravenous wolves”. Hillary was dead serious when she looked down and call us all, including her supporters, “deplorables”. Did you notice how their Devil`s horns sign disapeared all of a sudden after Hillary`s loss? In Obama`s era everybody was shoving it in our faces, even Harry was going about with his two fingers up in the air. All those symbolisms went underground out of prudence during Trump adm. and that was the time they were most united. Meghan and Harry is a couple made in hell, so to speak and they are being groomed for bigger things.

    1. I think all the ladies in purple are from the same coven. I already looked them up. I would not be surprised if MM is a initiate. Michael Obama I’m not sure.

      As far as MM being a sociopath, she keeps journals and I’m sure someone will come upon it and spill the beans. She has to be journaling this in order to set her mind. I don’t see her and Harry lasting too long since she may be very abusive to him. She is a gaslighter and wants too much to be a victim.

  4. All of those people like Bidens, Clintons, Obama’s are finished. Meghan and Harry may also end up in trouble. Netflix is no longer interested in working with them and Spotify is questioning their intentions also.

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