Why was Meredith Kercher murdered?

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Meredith Kercher was murdered on November 1, 2007. Three people were found guilty of her murder. Two of the three used a powerful PR firm to pressure the justice system to ‘exonerate’ them. Similar to OJ Simpson, the two freed killers went on to write a book about the “injustice” and then go on tour… again and again.

Due to the fact that Meredith’s murder was ‘coincidentally’ on the Day of the Dead, I wondered about the significance of her murder. What was it really about? Did the cocaine addled Knox go too far while trying to rob her of her rent money? Was it a fight over a boy (Giacomo Silenzi)? Was it a premeditated satanic plan? Was it Knox’s drug dealer afraid Meredith would snitch to police? Was it an accident? What was the motivation?

I decided to pull three cards to get a general idea of why. Why did Amanda Knox, Raffaele Sollecito and Rudy Guede murder Meredith Kercher?

The impression I got from the cards stunned me – it was for a book. For Amanda to write a ‘killer’ book about her sojourn to Italy. A ‘Murder in Italy’ book. A book full of lies and the imaginings of a delusional psychopath. For this, Meredith was sacrificed.

For a normal person, this idea makes no sense. but with a psychopath, it makes perfect sense. Knox is a narcissistic psychopath. Knox was majoring in creative writing (not English or Literature) before embarking on her murderous trip. Knox’s stories leading up to Italy were dark and disturbing.

Knox may have gotten the ‘killer’ idea from the famous book + movie The Midnight Express. Which would fit her perfectly as she was a heavy drug user. It is interesting to note that Knox ran off with a drug dealer her first night in Italy, leaving her younger sister alone in the hotel. Knox was probably doing ‘research.’

A psychopath has no guilt or remorse and feels nothing if they kill someone. Not all psychopaths kill but if murdering someone would allow them to write a hit book, with a movie deal, and never have to work a real job in life, well there is a plan that a psychopath like Amanda Knox would obviously sign up for!

Knox has made millions from the murder of Meredith Kercher and continues to this day. Of course, Knox plays the victim as all narcissists do. Only a narcissistic psychopath would try to act like a victim after her “friend” was viciously murdered. For shame!

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