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Why the Queen told William to stop flying helicopters

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3 thoughts on “Why the Queen told William to stop flying helicopters”

  1. “We are one plane crash from the throne” Meghan was heard saying, allegedly. Why one plane crash and not two? Maybe she was sure then they could destroy Charles’ image. It may sound a little delusional to think Meghan and Harry could affect a plane crash, but such attempts are very real to the RF. Lets recall Lord Mountbatten, the closest uncle to Prince Charles, killed by the IRA in 79. The RF knows it is not going to be Harry and Meghan, but those in close contact with the terrorist world, such as the Democrat party, haven’t they been running weapons to ISIS throughout Obama’s presidency? For those in doubt look up Fast and Furious, Benghanzi, Syria, Lybia and currently Afghanistan which was nothing but a transfer of weaponry to “Al Qaida”. The threat is very real. Meghan is connected to the Democrats and to some mosque in London, ironically a mosque that harboured some of the most fanatic religious terrorists. Harry believes he will be king, he won’t, the spoils will be divided, some will take power, some will take gold and dimonds, I bet the likes of Obama, Hillary, Victoria Nulland the lower levels have their eyes on the riches in the palace vaults as they have done in Lybia where all Gadafi’s gold desapeared and the country was left in ruins. Anyway, the Queen is sending a message that the palace is now aware of the threat and taking it seriously.

    1. Hi, Lucia , yes , you’re so right , and Victoria Nuland was and still is involved in the War in The Ukraine , that poor , ravaged , beautiful country , has been brought to it’s knees i could weep when i think about it . Nobody ever talks about The Holodamor ,one of the worst genocides in History . there are a few YT videos of it , it’s heart breaking . lots of love , Happy Christmas everyone xxx

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