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Why Princess Eugenie + Jack left Frogmore

Article: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/13454249/princess-eugenie-jack-quit-frogmore-cottage/

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7 thoughts on “Why Princess Eugenie + Jack left Frogmore”

  1. If Princess Eugenie really wants to return there, she must be tone-deaf intuitively. Frogmore is a cemetery for dead royals. It’s full of ghosts. Before the cottage was given to the Sussexes, staff used to live there. I don’t know how they could live and sleep there. It must be heavy with past energy.

  2. I imagine moving for Royals isn’t the same experience as for the rest of us. I think they hardly put in much effort because they have the help do all the work.

    1. maybe airplane noise… but also perhaps the scaling down of the royal family. Eugenie won’t receive income or perhaps she can no longer benefit in some way regarding living on certain properties.

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