3 thoughts on “Why Prince Harry filed 2nd lawsuit against Scotland Yard police

  1. Hi DE , please ask the cards if M and Harry are both brain hypnotised into doing what they do ? M doesn't look normal to me , something very odd about her eyes , same with Harry . have they both been hypnotised or MK-Ultra-ed or had some other kind of brain altering technique done on them and if so , by whom ? thanks !

  2. Hi DE ,
    Please please ask the cards if the whole debacle Markle / Royal Family saga was planned all along , with all of them playing a part . even on today's The Real Thomas Markle Junior and friends YT channel , he's laughing and joking about everything , as if nothing's happened to his father , even laughing about the stroke and heart attack Thomas Markle has had supposedly . Is all this RF / Markle Saga part of the plan to distract us from what's really happening in The West ?

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