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Why Michelle Obama trashed Meghan Markle


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5 thoughts on “Why Michelle Obama trashed Meghan Markle”

  1. You are right about Michelle not liking Oprah. I remember back when Obama was first elected president, Oprah publicly stated that she offered her general help to the Obama White House and they rebuffed her. Oprah said she was “shocked” by that. So, Michelle and Oprah have apparently never liked each other. I think Michelle may be envious and resentful of Oprah’s stature in the world, and she may see her as a rival of sorts.

    Also, I think Michelle is thinking about running for office in the future, so she wants to stay on the good side of the British Powers That Be. She doesn’t want to appear to go against the royal family, lest the British tabloids and/or British public turn on her in the future. If you’re running for high office, you want to have as many important international friends as possible to support your campaign efforts.

    You should have a “donate” button on your YouTube channel…you never know how generous people might be.

  2. Michelle is distancing herself from this operation. Firstly, the mainstream media no longer has a dominant voice in the US, alternative media, like DE, is much stronger. The British media is feral, it has always been. I believe the O. understimated the British and alternative media. The Os also didn`t expect the RF reaction of invetigating M. and their charity. Michelle fears what the RF will find. She is jumping off this sinking boat and making sure she has nothing to do with it.

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