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30 thoughts on “Why Meghan Markle rehired assistants

  1. Hi DE: Great reading as usual. I think we were “Markled.” One gets the feeling that M is surrounded by extremely powerful dark “juju” forces, that are almost impenetrable. Can you check that out, and how powerful it is and can her power be broken? Also, has the Queen hired her counter-occultists to protect herself, William and the entire Cambridge family?

    1. @Mary hartsdale I agree, Meghan is being protected by powerful demonic forces… possessing blm, mainstream leftism/communism, antifa, and Islamism. I fear there will be violent revolution in the US and perhaps nuclear war emanating from the middle east.

  2. So maybe queen has sent the staff to take care of harry. . Or Maybe even try to keep them inline good luck .. …

  3. Could not as me enough to work with those two. Perhaps RF asked them to keep eye on H for them.

    1. Hi. I was told that other states are sending their homeless people to us, I don’t know if that is true or not.

  4. Lefty buddies don’t need them anymore in the US . So going back to UK? I missed the start . Are they going back.?

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