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Why Meghan Markle paid to destroy Jean Gasho book

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3 thoughts on “Why Meghan Markle paid to destroy Jean Gasho book”

  1. Just before their Wedding , they had all the Homeless people cleared from the streets in Windsor , this is how they really think and feel about us .we don’t want them here but feel genuinely sorry and deeply embbarassed by Harry ‘s behaviour in America . ii wish they’d both go and live in Africa where covid is so low and strangely – vaccines are so low too there . are vaccines only for The West to destroy The West from within , or destroy White people in our own countries ? most Asian and Black people are refusing the vaccine . i’d love to subscribe to your channel but if it’s paypal , i can’t because paypal is explicitly anti-white . it’s hard to know what to do for the best as paypal dominate everything . many thanks , love your Readings .linda, Wales .

  2. Just looked on Jean’s Facebook , she says she is going to re write her book but needs White peoples’ money to have it published .she looks a lovely , genuine person . thanks DE .

  3. jean was friendly with samantha, and she is a black woman and her writing could have influence on other black women.
    jean wants her husband back and is supported by him,
    unlikely to go against him.

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