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Why Meghan Markle exploding with PR blasts

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8 thoughts on “Why Meghan Markle exploding with PR blasts”

  1. I think she wants to be seen in another light because she was on Epstein’s island along with Obama. That’s why she is close to them. I wonder if Harry visited incognito? The dirt will eventually surface with Samanthas book 2. Remember you can’t talk bad to a pregnant woman.

  2. The Lincoln Project scandal is/was the story that was breaking. Money is an issue and starting to be accounted for, maybe she received large sums.

    1. Thank you! Yes I saw that. Someone else mentioned a story that came out just before about Catherine + William thinking of having a 4th child but I don’t think it was that. I think you are right – the Lincoln project as well as Samantha book and Thomas Markle court case.

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