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Where is Jack the cat?

Originally published Oct 22, 2011

Where is Jack the cat?

Jack disappeared on Aug. 25 when his owner, Karen Pascoe, was relocating from New York to San Francisco.

She said: ‘We cleared security and I said goodbye to them as the American Airlines handler was putting the plastic ties around the kennel door.’

After going to get dinner she was called to say Jack was missing in the inbound baggage area.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2052321/Jack-cat-Supporters-hold-Awareness-Day-JFK-Airport.html#ixzz1bYcEXIQ1

Missing since Aug 25th at JFK airport, I just heard about it recently and created a horary chart to try to figure out where the feline is hiding. I would use the chart for the last time that he was seen, but there was no time in the article, only the day. So instead I am using the chart for when I learned about this story.

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Cat is the ascendant at 16 Taurus, ruled by Venus in detriment in Scorpio in the 7th house. This is a beautiful cat but he is not happy. Being in Scorpio means that he is silent. However he should be found in a public space (7th) angular house which means that “he is where he is supposed to be” so I would assume that he is still in JFK hiding, in a public space, relatively easy to find, most likely in a dark area (Scorpio) near water, pipes, bathrooms, sinks, kitchens, laundry rooms, liquids, oil, and low to the ground and/or well hidden. NORTH WEST from where he was last seen. Also, possibly near/behind/under anything Mercurial (books, magazines, computers, children area, games, papers, messages, those motorized cars they use in airports, machinery, perhaps under a walking ramp or escalator or Venus: ladies room, luxury items, money.
Colors he could be near: brown, black, yellow, white, light-blue, gray.
He may also be near a border of two rooms: near a door, window, or passage between two rooms.
The Moon in co-ruler of the missing cat and will make a final aspect to Venus so I think the cat will be found again, probably by one of the airport employees and the cat would be most likely looking for food.
UPDATE OCTOBER 26, 2011  – Originally published 10/26/11

Jack the Cat Found!

The news is reporting that Jack the Cat was found yesterday, Oct 25, 2011

Long-lost Jack the Cat, who caught international attention when he went
missing at JFK Airport more than two months ago, miraculously emerged alive
yesterday after falling through the ceiling tiles inside a Custom and Border
Patrol room at Terminal 8.

“One of our deputy chief officers saw it, and grabbed it, and alerted
American Airlines,” said Custom and Border Patrol spokesman Anthony Bucci.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/jack_the_cat_found_search_jfk_airport_6ssV81LFQFs78lMbIkALMJ#ixzz1bw7FHwYV

Jack somehow climbed up into the ceilings in Terminal 8 at JFK airport and fell out while walking around.
Jupiter moved to 5 degrees of Taurus to trine Pluto which shows the luck they had in finding Jack who is alive and well.
I had written in my previous post (before he was found) that he would be “near a border” and he plopped down into the “Border and Patrol Room”

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