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6 thoughts on “What will MM surprise us with at Princess Diana statue unveiling?

  1. I Think Princess Diana Statue at Kensington Palace look more like Theresa May that Diana, Princess of Wales

  2. Here’s a sickening thought. If she names her daughter Diana, soon to follow will be bs from them both that the real Diana has reincarnated into that baby. Just think of all the ways she could exploit that. Oh yes, the secret dreams she had during pregnancy of Princess Diana speaking to her about this, the ever so nauseatingly frequent reports on similarities, more soul communications in dreams, etc., etc, etc.. No stunt, no ridiculous fabrication is beneath her and handbag is too gullible to object. I wonder what this new child’s first words will be. “Kensington Palace?” “Pont de L’Alma?” “Conspiracy?” 😂 Will there be reports of the child waking up in a panic at the same time of night Diana was in that crash? Oh the directions handbags wife could possibly take this!

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