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What to keep in mind in 2022

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3 thoughts on “What to keep in mind in 2022”

  1. When The Archbishop of Canterbury , Justin Welby , told us to get vaccinated , what’s this to do with him anyway ? nothing at all , a few years ago , he looked petrified when confronted about s*x abuse in the church which some people say he helped to cover up . on the Henry Makow website , he openly calls Justin Welby a J***** ILLUMINATI Shill , coming from his father’s side . He doesn’t look to me as being genuine in any way at all . i just see a dark soul pretending to be “devine” and “godly” but i see an actor . an infiltrator just like Boris . England has been controlled financially for about 400 years by these creatures and longer in other ways , even longer , they’re married in The Royal Family and all European Royal Families , ,thanks , DE , A lovely Reading .

  2. Thank you , DE , you’re the only Tarot Reader i watch now .,one lady from Canada , is ok but i can’t see resonate with all her predictions , and she’s too much “in your face” , it’s too much stress . . i’ve noticed here in the UK , people are obsessed with if you’ve had the jab , i very kindly , very gently and slowly say “no , i’ve decided against it after my Aunt had 2 jabs , then soon after , she had a stroke and a blood clot on her brain , in mid August , she can’t talk well and sleeps all day and the ambulance took 2 hours to arrive” . even today , on Christmas Day , a friend called , he asked if i’d had the vaccines, i very , very gently replied , saying what has happened to my Aunt , he then said ” oh , but she’s ok now” ? i said very gently ” no , she still can’t talk much and sleeps all day” then he went very quiet , i could feel him thinking deeply , he had the jabs as he needed to for his job . he’s a radio and newspaper Journalist for a local Paper here in West Wales . he didn’t want it but to report on football matches he had to have it . the same thing here in the UK , For a small country , we’re being flooded with mi****ts , and they aren’t being forced or coerced to have the jab , given homes , £40.00 a week pocket money etc … while we have 10’s of 1000’s of Homeless people dying on the streets . Thank you SO much , DE , i’ve had a feeling things would be the same as 2021 but it’s very comforting to know 2022 , we’ll start to fight back even more and be successful . your Readings give me hope but we know it’s a struggle . i’m going to start growing our veg. far more and we’re thinking of keeping chickens . i think , it’s going to come to a point where this isn’t about Left or Right now and The Left are slowly realising they’re not protected any more than us . it’s slowly dawning on them , i think now . Thank you so much , they’re trying to make us depressed , i can’t sleep , my older sister doesn’t do well in “lockdowns” , i know 2 old people who were terrified of leaving their homes for nearly 2 years , whilst MP’s the PM and some newspapers were dancing the night away in the “pandemic” whilst we were locked up , living in deep fear … obviously they aren’t having the same “pandemic” we had !! theirs included parties at no 10 … etc … i think people are starting to wake up very slowly .i have a store of dried grains but nothing if we have power cuts . feelings are very powerful , we emit frequencies, energy , and love , not fear , carries far wider than fear , it reaches out for miles apparently , words are powerful too , i’ve read , words spoken are very powerful , thanks so much , DE . from linda , Wales .

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