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What the globalists are thinking now

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3 thoughts on “What the globalists are thinking now”

  1. it’s funny that Sweden isn’t even testing , and they have so few “cases” . They’ve done nothing , just gave their people sensible advice . They’ve been living normal lives all the way through this
    , before , during and after covid. A quick look on YT shows this , if you put in Sweden May 2020 , about the 4th video down , shows normal happy people in May 2020 on buses , in stores, walking around – normal happy people . Thanks DE , thank you so much . please can you ask The Cards what the outcome will be ? will they get what they want ?

  2. Thanks DE, this is so fascinating . a school in Kent, England , is making children wear a large round circular badge if they’re exempt from wearing a mask . This school costs £34,000 a year , it’s unbelievable . Our PM ,Boris Johnson , was born into The Cabal , in NYC . He’s not funny , he knows exactly what he’s doing and as you say Politicians worldwide are all doing as they’re told by people like Boris J. MPs must be terrified , none of them are daring to say anything apart from Charles Walker and Desmond Swayne , both Conservative MPs here . They keep screaming and shouting about this mess. all the others are silent .On buses now in England , they’ve got large pictures saying “children have strokes too” … i’m in Wales , i haven’t seen these yet here but this is very recent … only since the “V” . Thanks so much , really love your videos , linda, Wales .

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