3 thoughts on “What people on the Other Side want us to know

  1. Speaking of Kyle Rittenhouse, i couldn’t believe his presence of mind as he sat on the road , alone with 3 young men who had chased him , apparently , heard wanting to chase him , “singled him out” ? he was sitting in the road but one of the 3 Jewish men , standing over him , pointing a gun at him , yet he stayed calm . one of the men had just been released that day from a mental institution for raping 5 children apparently, ACCORDING to several sources . His presence of Mind was unbelievably mature for his age as he sat alone , surrounded by these 3 Jewish men .

  2. if you look on EUROPERELOADED.COM , Austria was visited by a certain person before making this decision about the “V” . it’s on EUROPERELOADED.COM . All the best everyone XXX . YES, IT’S TRUE – he converted and was living with an elderly , White Christian couple who kindly let him live with them !!!!! shocking , truly shocking .

  3. THANKS SO MUCH DE, one of my family is a Dr and he’s had both jabs here in the UK , a young Rugby player aged 23 dropped dead on the pitch about 3 months ago near me in Ystradgynlais here in Wales. i’ve had a few spiritual experiences and i’ll try to contact some of my family through a few good Mediums i know, i’ll ask them to ask my family who are dead , i’ll try to ask them what to do and what’s really going on . it’s very disturbing . My Mum died from medical drugs in 2010 – i still have her AVMA Report to show this . Please accept our deep apologies on behalf of all of us here in the UK regarding Harry-Has-Been .

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