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What makes Prince Harry so defensive?

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4 thoughts on “What makes Prince Harry so defensive?”

  1. I heard someone talk about Diana’s stress and emotional state while she was pregnant with him. I think that also affected him and his development. It could explain his low intelligence. Megan is a psychopath and saw how easily she could manipulate him and his family. Which lets face it she has done, who would even dare do this. The Queen and her councillors should have cut this off a long time ago. It will get worse before it gets better. You have to recognize a predator and they are too , But really harry and megan work because they both haver serious personality disorders

  2. I think he isn’t Charles son. He resents the favoritism of William. And resents Charles. I didn’t see any depression or fear of cameras when he was on the James Corden show. I think it’s an act.

    1. I think a DNA test would solve this problem. William is a mature and reasonable man……he took his time with Kate, before marrying her. I think that Harry has problems. To be fair with him, is not nice to hear those rumours about the fatherhood as a child. I don’t want to excuse him, because he is not a child anymore. I have seen the show as well and I was thinking the same. He did not look unconfortable at all. I don’t know why he did this interview? Maybe for his image…..

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