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What is Trudeau doing?

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1 thought on “What is Trudeau doing?”

  1. our Govs are definitely trying to set people against each other , i love ebay but i use etsy now and just normal websites after my son educated me that amazon and ebay which uses paypal , that they’re both very pro BLM and very anti White people and give huge amounts of our money to The World Economic Forum . Trudeau is so vain ! i’ve started asking good people in Spirit to help us , and i just say to them we’re being injured and k ***ed off with an injection , i talk more and more to good people in the Spirit world , it’s very comforting knowing they can hear me , i believe we can have help from whoever we choose to talk to on “the other side2 ,I’ve had several good and bad Spiritual experiences, so i know there’s definitely something other than this , we all need to know we’re not alone here and have other people “on the other side” who can come to our aid , as my late Mum used to say “you just have to ask” ! so now i’m asking her for help !
    thanks DE , fascinating Reading !

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