2 thoughts on “What is N W 0 doing?

  1. Hi DE, a young man here in the UK has just taken the NHS to court , he’s suing them for not explaining enough before the operation , he said as soon as he woke up , he said “oh God , what have i done” ? i think this is the beginning of more people suing the NHS . a friend said they’re not giving them much info beforehand and the drugs aren’t properly tested i was told , i hope this young man in his early 30’s succeeds , he said ” Basically , i’ve been castrated” . i’m going to keep sharing this , because they’re being completely shut up if they go to twitter etc .. their cries for help after the operations , are falling on deaf ears , i hope this man succeeds and more people come out and sue the NHS because not enough pre-op guidance is being given , i’ve read and 70% instantly regret the operation , many commit suicide , many start drinking and taking drugs but their voices are being shut up on social media , i’ve read .

  2. Hi DE, thanks so much , a really important problem for us and their “ideas” , i ‘m not going to make any more comments about Politics from today as here in the UK , we have a few new Bills being super rushed through Parliament this week , The Online Harms Bill and another Intel Surveillance Agency Bill , thanks for helping , i won’t be saying anything about Politics again because of what you advised and these 2 new Bills being rushed through yesterday in the UK , thanks , really enjoyed this video today , bye !

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