Weekly Astrology Forecast Sept 9 – 15 2019

Sep 9 2019    Mars    Tri    Saturn
13°Vi58′ D    13°Cp58′ R    Tr

Harnessed or controlled power. Easy control or suppression of anger or hostility. Discipline. Patience. Endurance. Resistance. Getting things done. Accomplishment. Progress in business and practical matters. Fortunate delays.

Auspicious day to initiate or work on an endeavor.  At this time people will have just the right combination of energy and patience to get done what needs to be accomplished.  Work may go more smoothly and may lead to success.  Training for any physical activities will go well today too.  Also this is a good time for working with machinery or doing any work that may entail some risk.  Mars and Saturn get the job done, not necessarily nicely but with an expertise and determination that can be most powerful and produce impressive results.
The malefic nature of the two planets involved in this powerful, flowing aspect may also indicate success in war or other forms of work with machinery, possibly violence/brutality around this time.

Sep 10 2019    Sun    Opp    Neptune
   17°Vi18′ D    17°Pi18′ R    Tr

Lack of clarity. Unknown factors which challenge judgment. The practical use of art and music. Impressionability. Escapist urges. Misunderstandings. Visions which deceive. Mistakes and errors in judgment. Foggy or sloppy conditions.

Confusion, scandals, or deceptions between leaders and/or by leaders.  Scandal may erupt and difficulties in negotiations. Lack of clarity, obfuscation on important issues. Unknown factors which challenge judgment.

This is a beneficial time for art and music. A general feeling of laziness and wanting to escape reality.  Issues concerning entertainment and drugs (chemicals) may be addressed now by governments or leaders.

Sep 12 2019    Mars    Sqr    Jupiter
   16°Vi01′ D    16°Sg01′ D    Tr
There may be a tendency to be overly optimistic or to stretch oneself too far under this transit.  Doing things in a structured way and in moderation will give the best results.
There may be an overreaction or overspending at this time, particularly in things that pertain to young men, mechanics, fighting or competition/sports.

Avoid pushing too hard or trying to accomplish too much as there is an expansion of fighting or physical activity.  Some may find some moral ground to commit acts of violence or aggression.  This is not an auspicious time for settling disagreements or disputes.

Sep 13 2019    Mercury    Cnj    Venus
   28°Vi50′ D    28°Vi50′ D    Tr
This is a wonderful time to write about the arts or women and it is also a positive time to enjoy music and other creative outlets.  Mercury is the planet of all forms of communication while Venus is the goddess of love, art, and beauty. So writing or communicating about relationships, hobbies, theater, museums, shows, movie stars, make-up, etc. anything veusian may be very successful today.
Sep 13 2019    Sun    Tri    Pluto
   20°Vi43′ D    20°Cp43′ R    Tr

Rational and logical thinking. Concentration and focus. Organization. Serious communication. Agreeable solitude.

Power issues, secret agendas and attacks could be on the menus when the Sun hits off with Pluto. Some leaders may get ugly and may find themselves consumed with sneak attacks or power issues. This aspect could make some people feel more suspicious than usual so paranoia may run high.

This may also cause some to become obsessive / compulsive about a certain person, place or thing. This is not a good time for power plays as things may get carried away. However this intense, investigative energy can best be used to delve deeply into research, cleaning/clearing out one’s environment, and with studying mysteries or psychology.  It is a positive time to use your powers positively and extensively. What you say or do around this time may reach far and wide so use your influence wisely.

Sep 14 2019    Mars    Opp    Neptune
   17°Vi12′ D    17°Pi12′ R    Tr

The last time Mars opposed Neptune was in Sept 2017 and before that in October 2015.  An event or situation described by Mars/Neptune that occurred then may happen again now.   Indecisiveness. Complex situations requiring force and sensitivity. Competitive actions which are secret or hidden. Conflicts of beliefs and ideologies. Disappointments. The urge to escape. Leakages. Physical weakness, lack of energy.

Mars in critical Virgo is being thrown off course by a powerful Neptune in Pisces.  This can result in confusion in any detail work or disputes over health care or other facts.  There may be scandals and misinformation thrust upon the scene at this time which could cause conflicts to worsen.  There may also be behind-the-scenes activities now.  Now is not the best time to settle disputes especially dealing with many facts and issues going on.  There may also be some problems with water damage now so avoid doing any plumbing work or any new project that deals with the ocean or water until later this month.  Confusion and deception is rife now so not the time to act in any controversial topic and be aware of any secret maneuvers. Better to wait until later on to deal with work issues.

Sep 14 2019    Mercury enters Libra

You are a diplomat and peacemaker, often acting as a go-between in relationships. You a good communicator, putting others at their ease.  Arguments may upset you, as you prefer harmony in communications.

Mercury enters the Venus ruled sign of Libra today.  This is a good time for creative writing, contracts between partners, legal affairs, diplomatic matters and talking about relationships.

This is also the time for competitors and enemies to communicate successfully.  This is a good time for collaborations on writing projects or legal affairs.  Mercury is strong in the cardinal air sign of Libra and also can express itself in the most beautiful ways.  Thinking of the other is emphasized now.

When speaking or communicating to the public, success depends upon expressing thoughts in the way that the audience will find the most accepting/appealing.  Mercury in Libra is very attuned to this and allows for ideas to be more accepted by others.

This is a good time for doing any type of creative writing, taking short trips and earning money through communications.

Sep 14 2019    Venus enters Libra
Venus leaves the sign of it’s fall to enter her dignity of Libra for the second time this year (the last time she entered Libra was on Aug 6th.)  People with planets in Libra will be feeling the love, generosity and good luck bestowed by this lesser benefic.Whether you have planets/points in Libra or not, you may notice that things seem to be going better than before, especially in anything ruled by Venus: women, money, creativity, art, music, romance, relationships, negotiations, and diplomacy.

People want to enjoy pleasantries and indulge from now until Venus leave Libra.  They also want fairness and justice.    This is a wonderful time for enjoying time with friends, building new relationships (business or personal) and earning money.

Sept 14 2019  Full Moon
21 Pisces
We have all heard the effects of the full Moon where emergency room visits escalate and people act a bit more “lunatic” than usual. Some claim that this is an old superstition but it is a scientific fact that the ocean tides rise as the ocean on the side of Earth facing the moon gets pulled toward the Moon!! This creates high tide and pulls the ocean water away from the earth!Although there doesn’t seem to be any scientific proof of the full Moon effects on humans, the fact that the human body is made up of approximately 80% of water, it is easy to understand why the full Moon may have such an effect on people, especially those with an emphasis of water in their charts (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces).

During this full Moon in Pisces it is a good time to work in seclusion, help the less fortunate and dream. It is also an auspicious time for psychic abilities and anything to do with water. Anything from a walk on the beach to a bubble bath may be most rewarding now. This is the time to relax and follow your inspiration.

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