Weekly Astrology Forecast Sept 2 – 8 2019

Sep 2 2019    Sun    Cnj    Mars   

09°Vi41′ D    09°Vi41′ D
The urge to take action and make things happen. Initiative. Decisiveness. Accomplishment. Physical and mental energy. Competitive drives function positively. Self-motivated action. Ability to handle stress. Problem solving capability.

The last time the Sun conjoined Mars was on July 26, 2017,  June 14, 2015 and before that April 17th 2013Two days after the June 14, 2015 Sun conj Mars was a shooting in a Charleston, SC church by a man named Dylan Roof.

In 2013, two  days before Sun conjunct Mars there was the Boston Bombing on April 15th 2013.  One of the men responsible for the bombing- Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was given a sentence of death on May 15th 2015.   However, it is expected that appeals will drag out the case for years or decades.  A week before thsi his friends were sentenced to prison for hindering the investigation.

To be on the safe side, I would be careful to avoid any dangerous activity and to be especially aware of your surroundings two days before and after this Sun conjunct Mars.  (I am not predicting anything will happen but better safe than sorry.)  So be careful to avoid any arguments, dangerous activities on July 24th and 28th.

For everyone this may be a time of something repeating or related to events from April 2013 and June 2015.  This will be a time of making final decisions and taking forceful actions on a physical or mental level.

This is a positive time for taking on new challenges, new exercise program, doing something with mechanical things or possibly with fire arms.   This may also be a positive time for firemen or others who work with heat, fire or fighting.

This is a time when people have a lot of energy and for some, this can lead to aggression.  Burning off excess energy with exercise and other healthy outlets is important now or else that overabundance of energy could lead to destructive action.  If interactions become too heated, walk away from it for a while.

Sep 2 2019    Venus    Sqr    Jupiter
   15°Vi14′ D    15°Sg14′ D
Excessive sociability. The desire to “party”. Dramatic, extravagant gestures. Overindulgence. Overvaluing something.

A time for indulgence and spending time with loved ones. You may get more blessings than you ever expected now. This is an auspicious time for love and romance!  However, there may be a tendency to get carried away with eating, drinking, spending money or showing affection.  Enjoy the good feelings while trying to avoid being excessive or too indulgent.
This can be a very emotional time and the potential to confide in the wrong person or make a poor judgement call in a social situation or relationship may happen.  No matter how carried away you may feel in gatherings or events, avoid letting yourself go too far emotionally or financially.  Now is the time to rely on your own moral judgement and not be influenced by others.  Being discreet will help you avoid any drama.

Sep 3 2019    Mercury    Cnj    Mars
   10°Vi27′ D    10°Vi27′ D    Tr
Mercury will retrograde to conjunct Mars 3 times this summer, June 18th, July 8th, and finally Sept 3rd.  So something similar or related of a Mercury/Mars nature may be experienced around these dates.)

Decisiveness. Mental assertiveness. Honesty. Practical solutions. Technical skills. Fast work, rapid progress.

Mercury, planet of mind, information and young people conjoins the planet of war, fighting and aggression today.  This is a day when arguments may flare up, problems with daily commute and possibly car or other mechanical trouble.

This is not a good time to try to come to peaceful solutions however it is an auspicious time for dogmatic speeches and writing.  Threats, demands and hostile communications may flare up now.

Mercury is conjoining Mars for a third final time.  The first time Mercury conjoined Mars on June 28th, then again on Sept 3rd.  Mercury stationed direct on Sept 5th and now conjoins Mars one final time in 2017 on Sept 16th.   On these three dates that Mercury conjoins Mars: June 28th, Sept 3rd, and Sept 16th – similar or related events may occur.

Sep 3 2019    Sun    Cnj    Mercury
   11°Vi15′ D    11°Vi15′ D    Tr
Mental strength. Intense thought. Consciousness of personal intent. Stimulus to communicate in speech or writing. Effectiveness in coordinating one’s various activities. Mobility — travel. Ability to meet up to situational demands.

This is a good time to brainstorm and come up with ideas regarding how to organize finances and other practical matters.  Figuring out what to do with all that you have at your disposal, including personal talents.

Sep 4 2019    Venus    Opp    Neptune
   17°Vi28′ D    17°Pi28′ R    Tr
This will affect young women and money mainly and a hard aspect from Neptune signifies fantasies, deception, and/or just plain confusion. While it is a good time to pursue spiritual or creative projects, it is not the time for starting a new relationship. This doesn’t mean you have to stop dating but just be aware that what you think this person is like may not be based in reality.

Neptune is the higher octave of Venus and they both rule over love. Venus represents love in relationships, giving and receiving it. While Neptune is about loving all life, human, animal, and everything else. While enjoying the wonderful romantic and inspiring transit, be careful not to spend too much money. Also, don’t jump on the next stock tip that comes around without doing some serious investigation first.

Enjoy the new ideas, dreams, and expansion of your imagination at this time. It is an excellent time for writing fiction, drawing, painting, poetry, music, movies or any other creative work.

Sep 5 2019    Mercury    Tri    Saturn
   14°Vi02′ D    14°Cp02′ R    Tr
Rational and logical thinking. Concentration and focus. Organization. Serious communication. Agreeable solitude.

Mercury in a positive aspect to Saturn is a good time for some critical yet practical decisions and plans.  This is an auspicious time to deal with important paperwork, facts, figures or conversations.

You may find it easier to bring ideas into focus and create something meaningful, long-lasting and successful.  This is not a cheerful type of aspect so you may not feel like you are doing well even if you are.  This is a time for patience, maturity, and concentration when processing information or communicating with others.  This is a good time to tackle the more difficult projects or discussions.  It is also a positive time to deal with much older or younger people where you may share a teacher/student dynamic.

This is also an excellent time for organizing paperwork, computer files, and anything that deals with the written or spoken word.  If there is a daunting task that you have been avoiding then now is the time to plow through it.

Decisions, rules or programs implemented now may become a precedent or become “carved in stone.”

Sep 6 2019    Mercury    Sqr    Jupiter
   15°Vi30′ D    15°Sg30′ D    Tr
Mentally pushing the limits — overassimilation, overexpansion, overload of communications, proselytizing, arrogance, etc. Interest in learning and travel. Overconfident judgments. Opinions.

There may be some overconfidence and zealous opinions flying about at this time.   Any arguments now may just go on and on without resolution as the exaggerations and arrogance multiplies.

This is a good time for studying a foreign language or cultural tradition and learning.  Be careful not to overestimate how much you can learn or get done today.

Arguments and discussions go on for much longer than expected.  Reserve extra time for any meetings or group discussions.

Avoid spending too much for information or on gadgets now as you might get carried away with the credit card.  This is not a good time for classes or talks as things may get carried away and words blown out of proportion.

This is not a good time to sign documents as expectations may be too grandiose for realization.  Ideas and events under this influence need to be worked on to become more practical else they may be setting people up for failure.  People may stretch themselves beyond their capacity in media, education or travel.

Sep 6 2019    Sun    Tri    Saturn
   14°Vi00′ D    14°Cp00′ R    Tr
This is an excellent time to start a new work project or regiment.  Discipline is called for now and taking a measured approach to things is highlighted.  Organizing, planing and following the rules will be the way to succeed in whatever you want to achieve.

This is a good time to embark on an diet/exercise program or anything that you want to accomplish that requires consistent discipline.  Something you start building today may lead to solid and enduring results.

This is an auspicious time to do something to further your career or for building something that will benefit you for the rest of your life.  Now is the time to make long-term plans and act on them.

With Saturn retrograde, you may have to go back and change something later.  However, if you have already considered and action earlier or even made a step towards it in a previous occasion that things should progress without a hitch.

This is also an excellent time to go back and get some work done that you may have avoided earlier.  No matter how boring or dirty the work may be, under this aspect you will be able to get it all done in an efficient manner.  Your employer will notice your efforts and at this time you may receive more responsibility.  If you do, you will be able to handle it well.

Sep 6 2019    Venus   Tri    Pluto
   20°Vi47′ D    20°Cp47′ R    Tr
The merging of one’s survival needs with those of a group. Sharing and trusting. Intense interactions with others.

Intensity over finances and with women/children.  There may be some covert activities which take over a situation with powerful influence.  Women may deal with power issues or money issues which may become prominent in the news.  Venus also signifies what we create, which can run from a piece of artwork to children.

Trines are unstoppable flows of energy.  Issues surrounding budgets could result in political problems.  More people may push their power to avoid paying or to receive more funds now.

Relationships may also be affected by this aspect. Feelings may be more intense with a partner or other loved one which can be for good or ill.  The power to completely transform a relationship or finances is available now.

While this aspect of Venus and Pluto can be overwhelming, it can be used positively.  By channeling the energy towards working with others to improve your power physically, financially or socially.  Embarking upon a new project with gusto could lead to great success.

It may take a change of perspective to realize that a perceived problem could be a source of power.  Making that shift may allow you to obtain the best results of this aspect.

Sep 7 2019    Mercury    Opp    Neptune
   17°Vi23′ D    17°Pi23′ R    Tr
Deception is in the air as new scandals may arise around this time.  Information may be foggy and lack basis.  This is not a good time to deal with facts and figures as it may become overwhelming.  This is a positive time for art, music and other creative outlets.  Also enjoying water activities may be soothing as well as pursuing spiritual matters.
Sep 8 2019    Sun    Sqr    Jupiter
   15°Vi41′ D    15°Sg41′ D    Tr
The urge to grow in ways or areas that may present problems. Efforts to do too much. The urge to travel. Growth-stress. Overconfidence. Overoptimism. Overload. Awareness of moral or legal issues. Awareness of differences in opinion.

Leaders may be feeling overly optimistic and attempt to do too much today.  While this is a positive time for beginning something it need to be kept in moderation.  An excellent time to travel, publish, research, law, and higher education.  Some may display too much confidence in their opinions or beliefs which could lead to a future downfall if actions are not kept in check.

Sep 8 2019    Mercury    Tri    Pluto
   20°Vi46′ D    20°Cp46′ R    Tr
Mercury is about information, letters, texts, all types of communication. Pluto is about deep, dark, hidden places. The places that we are afraid to face in ourselves and others.

Post Secret is a perfect example of Mercury/Pluto energy. A place where people tell their deepest darkest secrets. It can be a liberating experience to share our worries with a trusted friend, a professional, or on the internet. Just get it out in the open, face our fears.

We may eventually learn that no matter what happens, in the end, the feeling of ‘the fear’ was the worst part.

Under this aspect, we may decide to uncover the truth of the matter. This is wonderful for researching a new subject as under this aspect we will delve deeply and be absorbed for hours finding out all that we can.

However, this can be a bad influence if we turn the magnifying glass on another person’s personal life. Beware of becoming suspicious over something trivial. There may be tendency to cross the line and invade other people’s personal space.

It is normal to wonder about what a partner is doing when not around you but how far you go in investigating and questioning others about it can be the problem.

Being aware that you may feel more suspicious than necessary around this time and avoid compromising relationships that matter by becoming overly intense or intrusive.

Finding the truth is the real meaning of this aspect. There is more than one way to obtain the information that you desire. Be honest is also important during this time as you may find others may become suspicious of you and double check your information!

Focus your investigative energies on yourself and your work.  You may accomplish much more than usual

At this time, there may be some things kept secret from you, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is a negative thing, it could be better that way.

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