Weekly Astrology Forecast Oct 7 – 13 2019

Oct 7 2019    Mercury    Opp    Uranus

05°Sc26′ D    05°Ta26′ R    Tr

News and information may be disruptive now or come from unexpected places.  There may be some shocking ideas now that could upset people.   On the flip side, there may be some breakthrough in technology or other field that could lead to new ways of doing things.  Inventive ideas and thinking outside the box are beneficial today.  Be prepared to possibly to be surprised and/or disappointed by others today as things don’t go as planned.

Oct 7 2019    Sun    Sqr    Saturn

14°Li13′ D    14°Cp13′ D    Tr

Difficulties in maintaining control over one’s life. Problems, obstacles, limitations, inhibitions and delays. Feelings of insecurity which stimulate ambition and the desire to prove one’s self-worth. Difficult judgments and decisions.

A tough day for leaders.  Saturn square presents some unexpected difficult challenge s or lessons today.  People in leadership positions may be challenged.  This is a test.  Now is the time to avoid being self-centered and impulsive.  Leaders must strategize and think long-term in goals and actions.  This is a time to struggle and sacrifice.  People need to work together and help each other.  This aspect may bring out a new project or decision of an international nature.

There may be a depressing atmosphere and people in positions of power may be challenged by those less important.  Humility, hard work and taking responsibility is called for.

Oct 8 2019    Venus enters Scorpio

An intense need for relationships. Passionate in relations with others. A desire to know your partner’s innermost thoughts and yet have a tendency towards secrecy.

Venus is in detriment in Scorpio, which does not make it a weak influence but it may cause things ruled by Venus to become more intense, passionate and secretive. Venus is known as a lesser benefic but sometimes her influence can be more warlike.

Venus is in her warlike Morning Star position now which amplifies things. This means that relationships, women, financial matters, art, life/death issues may become more problematic.

Oct 12 2019    Venus    Opp    Uranus

05°Sc13′ D    05°Ta13′ R    Tr

Intense social excitement. Unusual displays of feeling. Unconventional behavior. Artistic rebellion. Unstable feelings.

Things may get intense and exciting in relationships and finances.  Some surprising or even shocking developments that affect women and children.  Supporters of women’s causes may protest at this time.  This could be disruptive and unconventional event. There may be rebellious social events occurring now. This could also signify an break in diplomatic or other relations.  Surprises in stock market.  Bizarre relationships.

Oct 13 2019    Sun    Sxt    Jupiter

20°Li06′ D    20°Sg06′ D    Tr

The urge to be bigger than one really is. Growth. Consciousness of moral or religious issues. The desire to travel or to reach out to new ideas through education. Optimism and confidence. The willingness to speculate or to take a risk.

This is an auspicious time for learning, publishing, traveling and expanding one’s horizon’s.  Spending time with educators and foreigners also bode well today.  There may be more optimism than usual and international meetings should fare well.  This is a good time for implementing educational or foreign policy.

This is also a wonderful time for meeting new people and visiting new places, especially for religious, spiritual or charitable reasons.  A tendency to overindulge or attempt to do too much may be slightly problematic but luck is strong for pursuing goals and success.

Oct 13 2019  Full Moon

20 Aries

We have all heard the effects of the full Moon where emergency room visits escalate and people act a bit more “lunatic” than usual. Some claim that this is an old superstition but it is a scientific fact that the ocean tides rise as the ocean on the side of Earth facing the moon gets pulled toward the Moon!! This creates high tide and pulls the ocean water away from the earth!

Although there doesn’t seem to be any scientific proof of the full Moon effects on humans, the fact that the human body is made up of approximately 80% of water, it is easy to understand why the full Moon may have such an effect on people, especially those with an emphasis of water in their charts (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces).

Relationship issues may become the focus of energies around a lunar eclipse since it is a relationship aspect of the opposition, Sun and Moon, masculine and feminine. It may also be an internal relationship between following your instincts/cravings (Moon) or doing what society expects (Sun). Put another way, following unconscious drives vs conscious decision making.

The opposition falls in Aries and Libra, our own personal actions and considering others points of view. So the stress could very well center around relationships and open enemies.

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