Weekly Astrology Forecast Oct 28 – Nov 3 2019

Oct 27 2019    Mars    Sqr    Saturn
   15°Li08′ D    15°Cp08′ D    Tr
At this time there may be efforts to control or confronting things that try to control.  There may be struggles with getting things done and hindrances to making progress. Expect road blocks on your path now which may be frustrating.  This could lead to anger.
This is the time to accept things that may hinder or stop activity for a period of time. Patience must be practiced or injuries could be the result. Pacing oneself may be important.  There may be resistances to activities which will take a lot of work to overcome but with time and organized efforts you will reach your goal.

This is not a good time to take risks, speed, or aggressively challenge others.

Oct 28 2019    Sun    Opp    Uranus
   04°Sc36′ D    04°Ta36′ R    Tr
Exposure to, or confrontation with, ideas and information which challenge the status quo. Surprises and reversals. Misapplication of technical data. A nervous restlessness. Efforts to understand change and unconventional behavior.

Expect the unexpected from leaders and in the news. Shocking new stories may be released now. There may be disruptions in governments and organizations. Well laid plans may be completely changed at this time as things do not run their normal course. Now is the time to be flexible in daily events and as prepared as possible for unexpected mishaps.

Prominent people may say shocking things or get into public debates at this time. Use this time to think outside the box. You may have some breakthroughs in solving an old problem. If you have a flash of an idea about something, try it out and it may work perfectly.

Oct 30 2019    Mercury    Cnj    Venus
   27°Sc36′ D    27°Sc36′ D    Tr
This is a wonderful time to write about the arts or women and it is also a positive time to enjoy music and other creative outlets.  Mercury is the planet of all forms of communication while Venus is the goddess of love, art, and beauty. So writing or communicating about relationships, hobbies, theater, museums, shows, movie stars, make-up, etc. anything veusian may be very successful today.
Oct 31 2019    Mercury Station    Retrograde
       27°Sc38′ R         Tr
This is an excellent time for going back over old projects, novels, applications, forms, or other writing that you may have begun earlier, only to abandon the project before it was finished.  Also, any previously broken items dealing with communications may be fixed now!

Getting back in touch with people whom you haven’t spoken to in a while may turn into a very positive experience.  Reviewing, restarting, redoing or renovating is very successful while Mercury is retrograde.

This is not the best time to sign documents or other legal affairs. Watch out for communication mishaps, emails going to the wrong people, typos, messages not being received, computers, cell phones and fax machines breaking, etc.

Also, it is best to wait until Mercury is direct before purchasing any new communication equipment (cell phone, computers, etc.)

Commuting to work or around the neighborhood may prove to be more problematic than usual.  Try not to let any travel or communication delays/problems upset you.

Nov 1 2019    Venus enters Sagittarius

Venus, the planet of love, woman and money leaves the intense, secretive sign of Scorpio and enters the freedom loving, higher learning/aspiring and traveling sign of Sagittarius.  Now is the time to invest in your education, travel to new lands and indulge a bit in what you aspire too.
At this time people will be able to adapt more readily to new social, artistic, and romantic changes.  The feeling now is it is better to give your partner more freedom than try to possess them. ”  If you love something,  set it free.  If it comes back to you it’s yours. If it doesn’t, it never was.”
Opportunities to earn money in multiples ways, with various peoples and places may be presented now.  This is the time to diversify your portfolio.

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