Weekly Astrology Forecast Nov 18 – 24 2019

Nov 19 2019    Mars enters Scorpio
A passionate warrior. Dramatic episodes which may include strong sexual urges. This may also be a time of revenge.  However this is also a time for self-discipline and control.  A positive time to start diets or other difficult challenges to improve a/o transform oneself.
Actions taken now will be emotional, powerful and penetrating. Mars is in the sign of secretive actions, issues surrounding death and joint resources. Young men and machinery are also ruled by Mars so there may be some powerful advancement for them during this time that Mars is in Scorpio, from today until Jan 26, 2018 when Mars enters Sagittarius.
Now is the time to work on anything that requires courage, resourcefulness and an abundance of energy. Used wisely, this Mars placement can create some impressive actions and results.
On the other hand, this Mars placement can cause actions resulting from vengeance, possessiveness and jealousy. Mars in Scorpio may also cause obsessiveness and strong sexuality. This may spell trouble in relationships if the intensity of desire becomes overwhelming. However, this may also cause a more intense and powerful union as long as actions are for mutual benefit and not destruction.
Nov 20 2019    Mercury Stations Direct
     11°Sc35′ D         Tr
Mercury stops moving backwards and begins to move forward. This may result in the improvement of some matters.  Something significant may happen today, news, information and/or travel may change.  Something that was stalled or put on a back burner may start up again at this time.
With Mercury in Scorpio events may pertain to finances, insurance, life/death or paranormal activity.  Scorpio is secretive, mysterious and intense.
Nov 22 2019    Sun   enters Sagittarius
The Sun will officially leave the intense sign of Scorpio for fellow fire sign Sagittarius.  Leaders will be more optimistic, broad-minded and hopeful now.  International relations may improve and plans will expand.  International relations and politics will be expressed prominently now.

Sagittarius’s ruler Jupiter in Sagittarius so things may become more exaggerated and amplified.   The Sun also rules over the heart and Sagittarius the hips, so we may see some improvements in these areas with health care in the next month as the Sun travels through Sagittarius.

Sagittarius rules over horses, so there may be some news involving them.  This is an auspicious time to open a new online business, website, publish a book, or expand your knowledge in some way.  Religion, spirituality, higher education, and foreign affairs may also be a source of expansion, hope and good luck.

Nov 24 2019    Venus    Cnj    Jupiter
   28°Sg11′ D    28°Sg11′ D    Tr
A lovely aspect between the two benefics provides a beautiful and bountiful day for many reasons.  People will be feeling more helpful and positive today.  Love is in the air and today is a perfect time to show your love for friends, loved ones, co-workers, furry family members – everyone! This is also a perfect time for romance.  Venus rules women, art, music, love, luxury items.  . so there will be luck for Venus-ruled subjects.

People will want to indulge and enjoy the company of others today.  The only drawback may be that some may overindulge today.  Avoid doing any impulse shopping or you may buy more than you should.  Some people may have luck with money and speculation but again avoid being overoptimistic with results.  People may be feeling more easy-going or  lackadaisical today so it is not the best time to try to get difficult work done.

Nov 24 2019    Mars    Opp    Uranus
   03°Sc32′ D    03°Ta32′ R    Tr

Mars represents aggressive actions in dealings with court battles, partnership and open enemies.  Mars is in detriment in Libra which causes harsh words and misdirected actions.     Mars in Libra opposed Uranus in Aries can cause disruptions, upsets, and misunderstandings which could exacerbate sensitive situations and relations.

Public displays of aggression might be expected around this time. Uranus incorporates the internet/social media/advanced technology with revolutionary agendas.  Attacks in unexpected ways and blaming others for acts of aggression may also occur.

Libra is a cardinal air sign which must have equality and justice and Mars in Libra will fight and cause wars over these issues.  Mars in Libra opposed Uranus may result in stormy social unrest and turbulent events.  Young men (Mars) taking extreme and reckless actions (Uranus in Aries)  to assert their desires and independence.  Social, sporting events and public places may become dangerous, unstable, and/ or unpredictable at this time.

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