Weekly Astrology Forecast June 10 – 16 2019

Jun 10 2019    Sun    Opp    Jupiter
19°Ge28′ D    19°Sg28′ R    Tr
Leaders may show more optimism in relationships and wanting to expand their influence.  There is a larger-than-life quality now which may cause some to overextend themselves or their projects.  Avoiding the tendency to overdo or overestimate what can be done with partners and there may be  luck and success. Not becoming carried away with new partnerships but enjoying time together and doing things in moderation.
Jun 14 2019    Mars    Tri    Neptune
   18°Cn42′ D    18°Pi42′ D    Tr
This week is a positive time for working towards any creative or spiritual pursuit.  Working in solitude, on quiet endeavors and helping the less fortunate will be most rewarding.  Mars trine Neptune is an excellent aspect for making films, art, music and engaging in spiritual pursuits.  There is a magical quality to actions taken now.  Any action or activity may take on a surreal or mystical quality in a positive way.  Mars rules young men so there may be some men in the news who are pursing an unusual, idealistic dream. Mars rules weapons/war so skirmishes on the seas, with chemicals, or in deceptive ways may also be in the news as well.
Jun 14 2019    Mars    Opp    Saturn
   18°Cn57′ D    18°Cp57′ R    Tr
Efforts at control. Uncomfortable restraint. The blocking or denial of aggressive instincts. Frustration. Anger. Sickness. Injury. Activities which meet with resistance. Tests of self-control. The necessity to solve problems.

Mars stands off with Saturn in an angry opposition.  One may these two malefics may express themselves in in arguing about military actions.  Young men (Mars) may oppose some authority figure (Saturn).

Many angry words on-line in various social media, news, and blogs.  Mars in Cancer is concerned with domestic affairs, real estate, patriotism, and family.  There may be some hostilities between nations or people based on nationality.

Finally this Mars/Saturn opposition may affect food distribution, restaurants, family/home matters and real estate.  There may be some oppressive restrictions now that cause upset and backlash.

Jun 16 2019    Mercury    Tri    Neptune
   18°Cn43′ D    18°Pi43′ D    Tr
Mercury is applying to trine Neptune which makes this an ideal time for dreaming, creative writing, art, music, spirituality, psychic or mediumistic experiences and it is an excellent time for a psychic or astrology reading!

Neptune gives insight and Mercury understanding, so combined they lift the veil to the other side and allow communication across different dimensions. Intellectual borders dissolve under this aspect.

However, this is not the week for dealing with facts, figures, or detailed work as Neptune tends to muddle things on the material plane. This combination can cause some scandals and misunderstandings when dealing with everyday communications, interactions or financial matters. Missed calls and misplaced messages are common so try to give others the benefit of the doubt in these matters.

If you hear any incredible news or gossip it is best to wait and see if it’s really true before acting upon it. Beware of lies, deceptions, fake news, and scam artists as they will be very active this week.

How strongly this will affect you on a personal level depends upon how this trine interacts with your natal chart. Mercury trine Neptune can give wonderful experiences with music, art, psychology, and mysticism. It also allows a person to use these talents in constructive ways as trines can be unstoppable flow of energy (which can be destructive if you are unaware of it’s influence.)

Although paranormal abilities may manifest more strongly, the flip side to psychic is over-sensitive. This can cause emotions to flow more readily and feelings can be easily hurt. You may send or receive and email or text and take it the wrong way. It is important to be very clear in all communications, perhaps making a direct phone call instead and double-checking any work emails to avoid getting into trouble.

You may find your most productive work will be done in solitude (as Neptune is associated with the 12th house of isolation). Be aware of any *signs* or unusual events that may be the result of influences from the other side.

Neptune rules the ocean, water and the feet. Water wears down and dissolves matter. Like a worn out rug from many people walking on it or sugar dissolving in a glass of water. This aspect can result in a loss of some kind. Neptune teaches us not to become attached to samsara or material world that we live in. Buddhism teaches us that this world is just an illusion (Neptune). What we think of as solid and permanent, really isn’t.

Neptune also rules viruses, drugs and alcohol. Being careful with any prescriptions and avoiding intoxicants is important now.   Beware of a tendency to want to escape reality with alcohol or other indulgences. Also a general feeling of apathy or laziness may also be strong now.

Sacrifice is also a Neptune keyword, so volunteer work and helping the less fortunate may benefit you as well as others.

While Neptune can cause drug addiction, the positive side of Neptune (spirituality) can help a person.   This is a positive time to practice meditation a/o spirituality.  Also at this time you may have more appreciation for poetry, music, art, film, and photography.

Jun 16 2019    Mercury    Opp    Saturn
   18°Cn50′ D    18°Cp50′ R    Tr
Narrow, focused thinking. Exclusion. Limitations in transport or communication. Overly exacting judgments. Delays.
Mercury opposite Saturn can cause pessimism, delays and obstacles in communications.  This can lead to malfunctions with computers, cell phones and other telecommunications related devices or structures.

Mercury and Saturn are in the ‘transportation and communication signs’ of Gemini/Sagittarius so this may be a day of problems with traveling, education, publicity, and emails/documents. Be prepared to have to struggle with some difficulties before all is said and done.

To get the most from this aspect, you will have to work hard, deal with some type of suffering and triple check everything.

This aspect does not make communications easier but through hard work, perseverance and maybe a little help from older/experienced minds this could be a time of some significant academic, historical, or literary achievement. Be prepared to struggle with discussions, paperwork, children, or ideas and take the time to cover all of your bases.  In the end you may produce an outstanding accomplishment which could win awards in the future and/or that may stand the test of time

Jun 16 2019    Jupiter   Sqr    Neptune
   18°Sg43′ R    18°Pi43′ D    Tr
Jupiter squares Neptune three times in 2019.  January 13, June 16, and September 21, 2019. This outer planetary transit is the theme of 2019 and does not happen very often  The last time Jupiter formed a square to Neptune was in June 2012.
There is a vulnerable to deception and disillusionment because the energies of this transit that may lead people to discard practical matters in favor of a fantasy world. Common sense may fly out the window in some circumstances.  People directly affected by this transit may find themselves daydreaming of better times, or even taking up a fanatical religious (cult) pursuit. Therefore this is not the best time for making life-changing decisions or entering into agreements which demand clear judgement.
People’s beliefs may take an unusual and unhealthy turn.  The may also be a depressing time – not necessarily because things are so terrible but there may be a strong feeling of ennui amongst the masses.
It is important to try to remain optimistic and also practical in decision making. Otherwise people may suffer financial or health adversities due to their own misled choices.  Being skeptical of anything that seems too good to be true is important now.
This aspect manifests as being vulnerable to deception and disillusionment because the energies of this transit lead people to discard the more practical side of nature in favor of a fantasy world. Neptune represents the sirens song of the maidens who could lure sailors off course and smash their ships into the rocks.  Jupiter represents religion, belief, philosophy, higher education, teaching, speaking, foreign matters, and law.   If people are not careful, common sense  may be thrown aside as people yearn for greener pastures. Some people may find themselves daydreaming of better times, or even taking up a fanatical religious/political/social pursuit. Therefore this is not the best time for making life-changing decisions or entering into agreements which demand clear judgement.
To sum it up expect fake news on steroids, the subjects of mind control, cults, fanaticism, mental illness, drug addictions,  and extremism across different topics to churn up some level of hysteria this year.  This is not the year to take any belief system at face value, remain skeptical of any agenda the others may be trying to influence you with overtly or subliminally.  Exercising common sense and a practical approach to financial/material matters will help you to avoid getting carried away with something that you may later regret.
Or you may take a leaf out of Ulysses’ book in avoiding the allure of the Neptune fantasy/deceptions (aka Sirens.)  He tied himself to the mast of his ship so he couldn’t move toward the compelling siren songs and the other sailors filled their ears with wax so they could not hear the enchanting melody.  This is how they avoided being annihilated.

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