Weekly Astrology Forecast July 29 – August 4 2019

Jul 31 2019    Mercury    Station Direct
 23°Cn56′ D         Tr
Mercury stops moving backwards and begins to move forward. This may result in the improvement of some matters.  Something significant may happen today, news, information and/or travel may change.  Something that was stalled or put on a back burner may start up again at this time.
Jul 29 2019    Sun    Sqr    Uranus
   06°Le32′ D    06°Ta32′ D    Tr
Exposure to, or confrontation with, ideas and information which challenge the status quo. Surprises and reversals. Misapplication of technical data. A nervous restlessness. Efforts to understand change and unconventional behavior.

Shocking new stories may be released now.  There may be disruptions in governments and with leaders.  Well laid plans may be completely changed at this time as things do not run their normal course.  Now is the time to be flexible in daily events and be as prepared as possible for unexpected mishaps.

Prominent people may say or do shocking things or get into public debates at this time.  Use this time to think outside the box.  You may have some breakthroughs in solving an problem.  If you have a  new flash of an idea about doing something in an eccentric or unusual way, try it out and it may work perfectly.

Aug 2 2019    Venus    Sqr    Uranus
   06°Le34′ D    06°Ta34′ D    Tr

Intense social excitement. Unusual displays of feeling. Unconventional behavior. Artistic rebellion. Unstable feelings.

This may be a time of some young women protesting or acting in a shocking manner.  Young women may become news stories for something new, unusual or genius.

There may be disruptions or unexpected events in relationships.  People may suddenly break-up without any warning or forethought.  Or partners may show their love in an unconventional  or surprising way.  There may also be some surprises with finances  or from banks.

There may be sudden fluctuations with money or the stock market.  Unusual or taboo relationships or social interactions may occur today.  Surprises with art or in socializing.

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