Weekly Astrology forecast Jul 27-Aug 2nd 2020

July 30th Mercury trine Neptune: A wonderful time to spend by the water, meditating, and pursuing creative endeavors. This is the time to watch movies, read a good book, or whatever escape from reality suits you best. You may enjoy music, poetry, and art more than usual.

Aug 1st: Mercury opposite Pluto: This is an intense time for delving into your favorite rabbit hole. Investigating a mystery or studying something intensely. Be careful not to put loved ones under the microscope now or it may result in power struggles/upset feelings. Instead focus that power of concentration on a project that will improve your life. This is also a good time to clear out anything in your life that is not useful to you anymore. Clear out your closets and donate things that no longer have any importance to you anymore.

Aug 1st: Sun square Uranus: Leaders may announce or do something completely unexpected, shocking or controversial – however it may be ingenious at the same time. This is the time to think outside the box when struggling with a dilemma. However, think twice before acting as the results may cause permanent disruption or break down in the existing order.

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