Weekly Astrology Forecast Jan 13 – 19 2020

Jan 13 2020    Sun    Cnj    Saturn
   22°Cp53′ D    22°Cp53′ D
Control over one’s life. Rationality. Steady accomplishment. Success in overcoming obstacles. Good relations with authorities. Endurance. Patience. Concentration and mental focus. Success in dealing with limitations. Sound judgments.

The Sun and Saturn are not the easiest influence to deal with, in fact this transit may be difficult for leaders and may stifle generosity.  This may mark the passing of a prominent politician or famous figure.

While the influence may be felt for only a few days, it may be one of melancholy, sadness and feeling deprived.

The best way to deal with this is to work hard and focus on a a project which could improve one’s social standing or career.  Taking on any additional responsibilities which present themselves is advised even if it results in some kind of hardship or deprivation.   The long-term rewards for hard work will far exceed any temporary respite from avoiding responsibilities.  Suffering a little now may result in gaining benefits at a later time.

Jan 13 2020    Venus    enters Pisces
Venus in Pisces is quite lovely and signifies divine love, compassion, empathy, idealism and even fantasy. People who have Venus in Pisces in their natal chart truly love all living creatures. These are the people who will “give you the shirt off their own backs.”

Needless to say, it is also a sensitive and sentimental placement. This is a wonderful time for romance, fun, creativity, art, helping the less fortunate, or anything dealing with other people in a friendly, helpful way.

Trust your intuition with relationships and money matters and you should do well. If you are dating someone new, be careful not to over- idealize a potential partner. Things may go so well with relationships under this influence that you might be thinking that you have found “The One” only to be disappointed after the transit passes.

On the other hand, this is a wonderful time to do something fun, creative, imaginative with a partner like going to Disney World.    All in all, this is a wonderful time to enjoy time with loved ones (including pets!) spend time by the ocean, in nature, watching movies, or doing something artistic

Jan 16 2020    Mercury enters Aquarius
You are brimming with original and unique ideas. You enjoy exchanging ideas with other people, particularly friends and groups of people. You are an inventive thinker, and may rebel against old and traditional ideas.

With Mercury in Aquarius, people will want the truth first and foremost from others.  This is a time when people will be able to see things in an unbiased light.  Mercury in Aquarius is an excellent placement and allows for people to tap in the Universal Mind.  This is good time to sign documents or write on matters that benefit all of mankind.

Aquarius is a fixed, air sign so ideas are stable now so people will be more willing to work together on shared goals effectively.  Group projects that concern communications, writing, or knowledge will flourish now and produce high quality work.

Jan 20 2020    Sun  enters Aquarius

Leaders express an acute intuition and a keen knowledge of human nature, with an intuitive understanding of other people. Motivated by a sense of justice and fairness towards others, people are more inclined to treat other people as equals.

People may be feeling more friendly now so this is a good time to join or start a group.  Friendship is important now as people value the group more than closer relationships. People are thinking of the future now and have a progressive outlook.  There is an interest in reforms and innovations which benefit everyone equally.  There may also be some unpredictable events and people may tend to oppose convention just to be different.

Jan 18 2020    Mercury    Sqr    Uranus
   02°Aq40′ D    02°Ta40′ D
This causes missed messages, computer problems, delays in traveling, cell phone problems, lost emails/texts, electricity going out . . . anything that deals with computers, communication, traveling, electricity, etc, may be disrupted.

Give others the benefit of the doubt if they say that they didn’t get your message as they probably didn’t.

Back in the old days, before voice mail, we used to get busy signals when we tried to call a friend who was on another call. There was nothing more irritating than that “Eh Eh Eh” tone the phone company used, created by some evil genius at the phone company to make people go berserk. This can be the effect of Mercury square Uranus.

Speaking of genius, Mercury and Uranus are not all bad news together as they create brilliant thoughts, creative impulse, new and improved approaches to life. So now is the time to come up with solutions for any problems.  This is the perfect time to think ‘outside the box.’

Today you may finally figure out how to fix that computer problem or other machinery that has been broken for a while, devise a new successful business plan, write some incredible science fiction, master a new subject, anything new and novel that interests you – today will be the best day for it.

If you do have to travel today, leave early and expect delays or obstacles along the way. If you are communicating to many people, follow up afterwards to be sure that they received your message and understood exactly what you meant. Try not to rush through things or mistakes and misunderstandings may cause problems.

Be inventive and unique in your thinking, communications or traveling and it may be a big hit!

Jan 15 2020    Venus    Sxt    Uranus
   02°Pi39′ D    02°Ta39′ D
Excitability over interactions with others. Unique expression of affections. Sharing excitement. Mental/artistic creativity.

Expect some excitement or surprise events of a positive nature in relationships, with young women, and possibly technical devices or on social media.  Venus rules love, affection, women, money and luxury items and Uranus represents the internet, new technology, rebellion, and shocking events.
This positive combination may work out to benefit women, money and relationships in a new and unusual way.  People may express their love in unusual ways around this time and it is received well.  This is a good time to make money through electronics, inventions or from thinking outside the box.  People want to express their individuality in partnerships now which will improve things for everyone.
In general this is a good time to meet new people whom you would not normally interact with

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