Weekly Astrology Forecast Feb 16 – 22 2020

Weekly Astrology Forecast Feb 16 – 22 2020
Feb 16 2020    Mercury Station Retrograde
This is an excellent time for going back over old projects, novels, applications, forms, or other writing that you may have begun earlier, only to abandon the project before it was finished.  Also, any previously broken items dealing with communications may be fixed now!

Getting back in touch with people whom you haven’t spoken to in a while may turn into a very positive experience.  Reviewing, restarting, redoing or renovating is very successful while Mercury is retrograde.

This is not the best time to sign documents or other legal affairs. Watch out for communication mishaps, emails going to the wrong people, typos, messages not being received, computers, cell phones and fax machines breaking, etc.

Also, it is best to wait until Mercury is direct before purchasing any new communication equipment (cell phone, computers, etc.)

Commuting to work or around the neighborhood may prove to be more problematic than usual.  Try not to let any travel or communication delays/problems upset you.

Feb 16 2020    Mars enters Capricorn
Mars enters its sign of exaltation. This gives new elevated status to armies, young men, war… anything ruled by Mars.  It also means that Mars and Saturn will now be in the same sign.  This means that they will work together.  It is auspicious for any strategic undertaking of a mars nature, fights, competitions, and acts of war.  Both planets in good zodical states portend to positive results.  Careful actions, strategic initiatives and organized movements.
Feb 18 2020    Sun   enters Pisces
Imagination and serenity. Time to express your fantasies and imagination/  Be a dreamer or be ungrounded.

The Sun is leaving the Saturn/Uranus ruled air sign of Aquarius which gives more fixed opinions and support for humanitarian causes to enter Pisces.  The Sun will be in this emotional, psychic sign, ruled by Jupiter until March 20th (Spring Equinox.)  This will be a creative and lucky time for many.

It is also a time of sorrows and spirituality.  Leaders may retreat into the back rooms to work in solitude.  This is a good time for religious events, cinema, escapism, drugs, addictions, paranormal, anything to do with water, ocean, chemicals, and the imagination.  Art will also flourish under this influence. Beware of subliminal or unconscious influences while under this transit.  This may also be a time of some type of propaganda, lies or subconscious influences.   This is the time to read between the lines and trust your instincts more as they will powerful now.  Some may get a bit lazy and prefer to relax and daydream.

Feb 20 2020    Jupiter    Sxt    Neptune
   17°Cp45′ D    17°Pi45′
Jupiter sextileNeptune is an expansion of the imagination. So people who are involved with creative work may also find that they are able to produce more substantial work during this time. The ideas just keep coming and an accumulation of a mountain of good material could result from this aspect.

Jupiter also expands psychic abilities (Neptune) and spiritual work so now is an excellent time to go on a pilgrimage or embark upon religious or spiritual pursuits. This is also a good time for any psychic related activities as they may produce many positive and healing results now.

Be wary to not let the less savory side of Jupiter sextile Neptune affect you – laziness or becoming maudlin.  Neptune can lead to daydreaming or fantasizing while Jupiter may expand these tendencies.  Making the effort to bring your dreams to reality is the way to make the most of this aspect between Jupiter/Neptune.

Since Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces and Neptune the modern day ruler – people with Pisces planets may be strongly affected as well as any area of life ruled by Pisces.  These include hospitals, prisons, zoos, the ocean, water, drugs, pharmaceuticals, and secretive activities.

Trusting your intuition may help you out of a difficult situation. Also, taking some time to be alone to rejuvenate or work in solitude may be more helpful than usual.  As usual, be careful with drinking or other intoxicants and be careful with new medications during this time.

Feb 21 2020    Mars    Tri    Uranus
   03°Cp22′ D    03°Ta22′ D    Tr-Tr
Individual actions and rebellions.  Revolutionary activities.  Events and actions accelerating to high speeds.  New mechanical inventions.  The desire to make things happen quickly, unstoppable actions.  Dynamic leadership. Expressing individuality through work and performance.

There may be some last minute events or decisions which may be very successful now.  Now is the time to go with the flow of activities as one thing could quickly lead to the next.  Things may take a different turn than expected and that is alright.  While it might seem overwhelming, now is not the time to try to control or regulate things.

This is an auspicious time to try something new.  If you are feeling a nervous tension about something, don’t hesitate to follow a new path.

People may be asserting your individuality in some way this week.  Protests and group calls to action for a rebellious or unusual cause will be successful.

Feb 22 2020    Sun    Sxt    Uranus
   03°Pi24′ D    03°Ta24′ D    Tr-Tr

A keen interest in ideas which are progressive or innovative. Scientific mind. Inventive. A questioning mind. Mental excitement. Taking action which changes things and brings improvement. Joining with others for a specific cause or purpose.Many new and original ideas being revealed by leaders this week.  Shocking or upsetting events may develop as the direct result of a leaders decision which could lead to rebellion.

Leaders will discuss the internet and other forms of technology now. Advanced technology is utilized and discussed. There may be some advancement in science or metaphysics. A new study may be released which circulates quickly.This is an auspicious time to think outside the box and try a new way of doing things. Now is the time for implementing or introducing a new or unorthodox way of doing something.  It may be shocking or disruptive at first but will work out positively.

Feb 23 2020 New Moon in Pisces

affection art backlit couple

Today we have a New Moon at 15 degrees of Pisces shows a new beginning in the sign wherever it falls in your chart.

What is Pisces?  In a word, Love.  Not the romantic love that you feel for a partner, but an all encompassing love for all of life, everywhere, in all forms.  This is why Christianity is symbolized by the Pisces fish – compassionlove.

Pisces is a water sign, water=life, water is 80% of the human body, water is most of the planet, when the Moon changes, the high tides and seas change.

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

-Albert Einstein-

The water signs have been described as: Cancer is moving water, Scorpio – water of the deepest, darkest oceans where whole species of life forms have yet to be discovered, while Pisces is the mist of water particles in the air.

You cannot see them with the naked eye unless huge amounts of water molecules come together to form fog or clouds.  Fog and clouds in the sky represent how we experience Pisces.  We lay back  on the cool green grass, look up at the clouds and see various animals or objects in the clouds, only to quickly disappear.  When we were young, this was exciting, “See it? See it? That’s the nose, and that’s the arm . . . ” of whatever we were visualizing.

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”
-Anaïs Nin-

It was all in our heads but Pisces manifests our imagination.  Our environment is what we think it is.  Fog is just a cloud on the ground but provides an entirely different Piscean experience.  Now we cannot see beyond our front yard.  The distant mountains, trees etc are all obscured behind this soft grey haze which has obliterated everything. This could be unsettling or even fear inducing. Some may remember a series of popular horror movies in the 80’s simply titled “The Fog.” Where a mist of fog would cover a town and monsters would come out and kill everyone.

Of course we know that it is just fog and it will lift in a few hours.  But the experience always has an impact, no matter how old you are or how many times you have seen fog.  It is always a surprise and we are amazed as how effectively it completely changes the landscape of our every day environment which we tend to take for granted as remaining unchanged

In a positive way, Pisces allows us to reinvent the scenery of our personal lives to reach whatever we dream of.  We can imagine the best . . .  or fear the worst.  In a negative way, we may indulge in drugs or alcohol, things which provide a momentary feeling of intense love and joy, only to be taken abruptly away and replaced with illness and deteriorated health.

Pisces rules visual fantasy and music and it was the Siren’s songs of Greek mythology, enchanting and ethereal beauties who lured ships to crash into the rocks;  just as the addictions, deceptions, beliefs that can cause a person’s life to be utterly dissolved and destroyed by Pisces illusions.

Without Pisces we wouldn’t have Hollywood, Glamour, Orchestras, Music, Literature, Dancing, Cartoons, Fairy Tales, Psychic powers, Poetry, Visions, Religions, Sci-Fi,  Movies,  Soul mates and love of Life.

Pay attention to whatever you aspire to as this is the time for these dreams may very well come true.  Also, listen to your gut instincts, intuitions, etc as they will be powerful and accurate now. 

Feb 23 2020    Venus    Sqr    Jupiter
   18°Ar21′ D    18°Cp21′ D
Excessive sociability. The desire to “party”. Dramatic, extravagant gestures. Overindulgence. Overvaluing something.

A time for indulgence and spending time with loved ones. You may get more blessings than you ever expected now. This is an auspicious time for love and romance!  However, there may be a tendency to get carried away with eating, drinking, spending money or showing affection.  Enjoy the good feelings while trying to avoid being excessive or too indulgent.
This can be a very emotional time and the potential to confide in the wrong person or make a poor judgement call in a social situation or relationship may happen.  No matter how carried away you may feel in gatherings or events, avoid letting yourself go too far emotionally or financially.  Now is the time to rely on your own moral judgement and not be influenced by others.  Being discreet will help you avoid any drama.


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