Weekly Astrology Forecast Dec 23 – 30 2019

Dec 24 2019    Sun    Tri    Uranus
02°Cp46′ D    02°Ta46′ R
A keen interest in ideas which are progressive or innovative. Scientific mind. Inventive. A questioning mind. Mental excitement. Taking action which changes things and brings improvement. Joining with others for a specific cause or purpose.

Now is the time to go with the flow as things may happen unexpectedly but for the better.  You may make a decision or start something that causes more or surprising things to happen.  This will be an unstoppable energy and one that will go smoothly.

This is a good time for daring or innovative moves that advance your position or viewpoint.  You may reconnect with someone from the past which gives you clarity and appreciation for all of the changes that you have made.

Dec 26 2019  Solar Eclipse 

When an eclipse occurs, the Sun and Moon appear to conjoin in the sky (solar eclipse).

 Solar Eclipses are considered more powerful than lunar eclipses and have a longer lasting effect.
This Solar eclipse at 2 degrees of Capricorn may bring out a surprise or life changing event for those with planets or points on or close to that degree.  There may be some scandals or shocking events on the world’s stage.  Everyone will be affected by the tension created by events surrounding the Solar Eclipse.
This solar eclipse kicks off the ‘eclipse season’ which runs from Dec 26 – Jan 10th 2020 when the Full Moon Lunar eclipse occurs.  Expect more tensions in the air and some people acting out in surprising ways.
Eclipses can be positive or negative in the results.  Sometimes a new discovery or prominence may happen for some.

Where an eclipse falls into a natal chart will determine whether the eclipse will have a powerful effect or not.  In general during the weeks between lunar and solar eclipses – will be a time of heightened stress and unusual activity. It is important to avoid getting carried away and taking any actions that you may regret later.

New information and possibly secrets may be revealed during a solar eclipse.  This new insight may be crucial in making positive decisions going forward.

Dec 27 2019    Sun    Cnj    Jupiter
   05°Cp41′ D    05°Cp41′ D    Tr-Tr
Lucky day today with the Sun conjoined Jupiter! People may be feeling  more upbeat and positive today. Jupiter represents new opportunities, good fortune, foreign people, places, and things, expansion, religion, philosophy, among other things.

Romantic opportunities may be found in higher education, religious or spiritual places, and with people of different cultural backgrounds.

This is also a good day for relationships too, A date today and tomorrow will be fun and positive. It is also an auspicious time for traveling and learning.

Take advantage of this time to accomplish an educational goal, foreign places, spiritual matters, or simply enjoying yourself.

Be careful not to be too indulgent or optimistic in expectations as this aspect represents opportunities but does not hand you anything unless you make the effort to initiate things.

Dec 28 2019    Mercury enters Capricorn
Wise and careful thinking. Importance placed on credibility and authority. Seeking knowledge which carries some authority. Approaching new ideas with caution.

Communications and news will now focus on practical matters, contracts, budgets, resolutions and other strategies for the New Year.  Now is the time to come up with ideas for business and career matters.

Changes in businesses will begin to unfold as important decisions are made.  People will be focusing on career matters.  This is the time for serious decisions and commitments as some may decide to become engaged at this time and make the announcement to family.  Authority figures may make some important, strategic announcements at this time and there may be more news about authorities, government, and older people.

Dec 30 2019    Mercury    Tri    Uranus
   02°Cp42′ D    02°Ta42′ R    Tr-Tr
Intensity of mind. Experimental attitude. Expression of radical or unusual viewpoints. Technical interest. Inventiveness.

Mercury represents thinking, news, communications, travels and Uranus is the planet of genius originality.  These two planets trine each other which may cause a flurry of new ideas and solutions.  This is an excellent time to brainstorm and figure out how to go about things that need attention.  Electronic communications (cell phones, ipads, etc) to be most prominent in the news.

There may be some shocking new quickly spreading around too as rumors and gossip could fly at lightning speed.   This is an auspicious week for inventing something new that may concern the written or spoken word and gathering information.  Once way this aspect may work out is in improving ways to email/text or communicate online.

While this influence can be fast and exciting it can also be overwhelming.  Avoid getting too caught up in video games, online discourse or other electronic dialogue as there is the potential for overdoing things, which could lead to burn out and exhaustion.

Mere mortals need their rest and unplugging from the mass communications online may be the healthiest move.  Take a siesta if you find yourself becoming carried away or overwhelmed with electronic information and discussions.

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