Weekly Astrology Forecast Aug 25 – Sept 1 2019

Aug 26 2019    Venus    Tri    Uranus
   06°Vi31′ D    06°Ta31′ R    Tr
Excitability over interactions with others. Unique expression of affections. Sharing excitement. Mental/artistic creativity.

At this time there may be some exciting events for women and finances.  There may be some sudden ups and downs in the stock market, more than usual and/or unexpected.  However this is a good time to be spontaneous and exciting in romance and entertainment.  There may be sudden changes in social activities or affections but everything will run smoothly when you go with the flow.

Aug 28 2019    Mars    Tri    Uranus
   06°Vi30′ D    06°Ta30′ R    Tr
Individual actions and rebellions.  Revolutionary activities.  Events and actions accelerating to high speeds.  New mechanical inventions.  The desire to make things happen quickly, unstoppable actions.  Dynamic leadership. Expressing individuality through work and performance.

There may be some last minute events or decisions which may be very successful now.  Now is the time to go with the flow of activities as one thing could quickly lead to the next.  Things may take a different turn than expected and that is alright.  While it might seem overwhelming, now is not the time to try to control or regulate things.

This is an auspicious time to try something new.  If you are feeling a nervous tension about something, don’t hesitate to follow a new path.

People may be asserting your individuality in some way this week.  Protests and group calls to action for a rebellious or unusual cause will be successful.

Aug 29 2019    Mercury enters Virgo
Mercury enters its own sign of Virgo which will strengthen people’s thinking and detail work. Mercury will be in Virgo until Sept 14th 2019.

During the Mercury’s trip through Virgo health matters will feature heavily in the news and in business.  There may also be an emphasis on financial, business operations, service oriented work and animal

People may be more critical and thinking from a fact based, logical perspective rather than moral or ethical ways.  Crunching numbers, dotting every ‘i’ and crossing every ‘t’ will be very important now in all official transactions.  Any work my receive more scrutiny and dissection than usual.

This will be a benefit in the areas of: mathematics, scientific research, medicine and hygiene.  Any type of detail oriented work may flourish during this transit. Work will be the focus of everyone and doing any kind of detail or accounting work will be successful now.  Virgo also rules small animals so this is a good time to focus on a furry family member and/or take a class on how to train your pet!

This is an excellent time to do a personal inventory of what you want out of life and detailing how you will reach your goals.  This is also a good time to devise a strategy and implement a new.

Aug 29 2019    Sun    Tri    Uranus
06°Vi28′ D    06°Ta28′ R    Tr
A keen interest in ideas which are progressive or innovative. Scientific mind. Inventive. A questioning mind. Mental excitement. Taking action which changes things and brings improvement. Joining with others for a specific cause or purpose.

Now is the time to go with the flow as things may happen unexpectedly but for the better.  You may make a decision or start something that causes more or surprising things to happen.  This will be an unstoppable energy and one that will go smoothly.

This is a good time for daring or innovative moves that advance your position or viewpoint.  You may reconnect with someone from the past which gives you clarity and appreciation for all of the changes that you have made.

Sep 1 2019    Mercury    Tri    Uranus
   06°Vi26′ D    06°Ta26′ R    Tr
Intensity of mind. Experimental attitude. Expression of radical or unusual viewpoints. Technical interest. Inventiveness.

Mercury represents thinking, news, communications, travels and Uranus is the planet of genius originality.  These two planets trine each other which may cause a flurry of new ideas and solutions.  This is an excellent time to brainstorm and figure out how to go about things that need attention.  Electronic communications (cell phones, ipads, etc) to be most prominent in the news.

There may be some shocking new quickly spreading around too as rumors and gossip could fly at lightning speed.   This is an auspicious week for inventing something new that may concern the written or spoken word and gathering information.  Once way this aspect may work out is in improving ways to email/text or communicate online.

While this influence can be fast and exciting it can also be overwhelming.  Avoid getting too caught up in video games, online discourse or other electronic dialogue as there is the potential for overdoing things, which could lead to burn out and exhaustion.

Mere mortals need their rest and unplugging from the mass communications online may be the healthiest move.  Take a siesta if you find yourself becoming carried away or overwhelmed with electronic information and discussions.

Sep 1 2019    Venus    Tri    Saturn
   14°Vi07′ D    14°Cp07′ R    Tr

Inhibitions which preserve stability: loyalty, duty, economy. Diplomacy. Good judgment. Business agreements. Conservatism.

Venus trine Saturn is a positive aspect for relationships, career, and finances. The planet Venus is forming a very positive aspect with Saturn and this makes it an excellent time to start a new relationship of any kind. Saturn and Venus work very well together since Venus rules Libra while Saturn is exalted in Libra.

Comforting people and showing that you care are important now.  This is a positive time to visit older relatives or people.  Nurturing overtures could lead to a successful and stable relationships.

Anything that you want done, now is the time to communicate it in a nice way. Venus is a stickler for good manners, so approaching problems in a diplomatic way will help you tremendously. Working together harmoniously is the idea with Venus and Saturn.

Also, this is an excellent time to apply for jobs so get those resumes sent out now for any employment opportunities that you are interested in.  International affairs, starting up something new, entrepreneurship, sports may go well now.

There are many more ways that Saturn and Venus work together. If you have dealings with older people (Saturn) or people who are suffering, then now is a good time to find help for them. You may come up with a new solution to provide support or money (Venus) by reaching out and showing support for international causes.

Whether you are balancing your bills or financing a new business, now it a good time to do it.  Venus and Saturn are also excellent for any creative/artistic endeavors or dealings with children.

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