Weekly Astrology Forecast April 6 – 12 2020

Apr 11 2020    Mercury enters Aries
Independent thinking. Talking quickly, and thinking of new ideas. Also indicates flashes of intuition.
Mercury entering Aries denotes speedy communication which is idealistic and  honest but potentially combative.  Decisive interactions, flame wars and disagreements may abound with Mercury in the martial sign of Aries.  Information may be shot out without contemplation, leading to mistakes or unwise exchanges.

Issues may revolve around problems dealing with money, women, and personal possessions.  People want to discuss topics more rapidly and may argue for the sake of argument.

In general, expect communications to be fast-paced and possibly overwhelming at times.  Take a break and some deep breaths before responding to any inflammatory emails or texts.  Clarify what someone means before reacting too quickly as you may be more prone to assume others are starting an argument.

With Mercury in Aries, there may be tendency to read emails/texts in the wrong way and think they are ‘fighting words’ when they really aren’t.

On a positive note, this is an excellent time to defend your point of view, and ‘put your cards on the table.’  Honesty is the best policy now as people are more receptive (even demand) the truth.

Apr 11 2020    Mercury    Sxt    Saturn
   01°Ar16′ D    01°Aq16′ D
Now is the time to come up with a plan.  Any schedule or organization that you make today will be sound. Thinking long-term and seeking the advice of more experienced minds will work is best at this time.  Doing and detail work, crunching numbers may be most satisfying now.  Anything that you want to accomplish in the future, now is the time to figure out exactly how you plan on achieving it.   News or information may arise which may be helpful in building your future.  Intelligent planning is called for now.
Apr 7 2020    Mars    Sqr    Uranus
   05°Aq32′ D    05°Ta32′ D
Rugged individualism. The will to fight for one’s freedom from restraint. Technical and mechanical problems and solutions. Inner tension and stress. Impulsive actions. Efforts to meet personal needs and interests. Accidental conditions.
This is an accident prone aspect which can be caused by doing things suddenly or without preparation.  Now is not the time to act out on a whim.  Avoid dangerous activities as thing may not turn out as expected.  Others may act out suddenly and disrupt your plans.  Prepare for this and reroute your activities accordingly without making things worse.

Problems may center around mechanical objects, cars, and electricity. If you must deal with these thing, be extra careful and don’t do anything on the spur of the moment and/or don’t try to do the work of a professional.   In other words, if your car breaks down or there are electrical issues in your environment, it is best to pay for an expert in these areas and not trying to do things yourself.  Expect possible problems or disruptions with cars, traffic, machines, and electricity around this time.

There may be a breakthrough now in a situation that may have seemed fixed or impenetrable. You may suddenly be presented an opportunity to do something new which may allow you to break out of an old path or out of a rut.  Things may be more exciting, eventful and possibly stressful at times.  Going with the flow of events and dealing with things as they come is the best way to handle this aspect.

Apr 7 2020    Mercury    Sxt    Pluto
   24°Pi54′ D    24°Cp54′ D
People will thinking more seriously, deeply and intensely about things at this time. This is an excellent time for doing any investigation or research of any kind. Life/death/security issues are also on people’s minds.

If you have been meaning to write a letter about something important (good or bad) writing it now and sending it out will ensure that is has the most powerful impact possible.

Mediums and psychics may be getting more or better messages than usual. This is an excellent time for communicating with the other side, even if you don’t normally get messages from the other side, you may get a sign or some sort of message today.

This is also a good time to work on joint finances, bills, taxes, estates as well as any secretive matters. You may receive the alimony, insurance or other money you were owed.

This is also a good time for mystery writing, intense artwork, living wills, psychology, occult, diet, sex, health matters, cleanses, power, powerful speaking/writing of all kinds.

This is a good day to destroy any junk mail or paperwork that needs to be shred.  Purging information out of your life that is no longer relevant is a positive way to use this energy.

What you say and write today may affect a large number of people and potentially have a profound impact on your life. As with all transiting aspects, it depends on each individual’s chart how strongly a particular planetary aspect will affect them.

Apr 7 2020    Mercury    Sxt    Jupiter
  25°Pi13′ D    25°Cp13′ D
Good judgment. Taking in the full picture. Speculative thought. Positive thinking. Interest in learning. Teaching.

This is a positive influence for writing, speaking, all kinds of communications. Mercury forming a smooth aspect to Jupiter promises good luck with signing legal documents, discussing marriage and initiating talks with adversaries.

This aspect also bodes well for diplomatic endeavors. Now is a good time to initiate talks with anyone you don’t see eye-to-eye with. Discussions, ideas, writing begun now may yield fortuitous results.

There will be a proliferation of information/conversations/messages supporting certain beliefs or opinions now.

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