Weekly Astrology Forecast: April 21 – 27 2019

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Apr 22 2019    Sun    Cnj    Uranus
  02°Ta31′ D    02°Ta31′ D
A keen interest in ideas which are progressive or innovative. Scientific mind. Inventive. A questioning mind. Mental excitement. Taking action which changes things and brings improvement. Joining with others for a specific cause or purpose.

Expect some type of surprise today as the Sun hits off with Uranus, the planet of technology, surprise, and at times sheer chaos.

This is an excellent time for unique discoveries, inventing something, or thinking ‘outside the box.’  This also means that something unusual may occur to disrupt the normal flow of things.  Electronic devices, computers, and other communications tools may act up or be disrupted somehow.

On an individual level, some may feel like things are too hectic or discombobulated. Take a break and meditate if you feel stressed by all of the activity going on around you.

Apr 24 2019    Pluto Stations Retrograde
        23°Cp09′ R
Pluto will station retrograde on April 24th and remain it’s apparent backwards motion until Oct 3, 2019.  When a planet is retrograde it’s energies are intensified, especially around the times when it stations.

This is going to be a time of some upheaval and disturbed energies.  When planets are retrograde, they do not perform in their usual ways and may show some bizarre events which may be described by the signs that they are in.

This portends to major climate changes, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc. at this time.
The powers that be will be at a standstill today and about to rethink, review or reorganize now.  Career opportunities may be delayed for some people and/or a general  slow down of power.  At this time governments may go back and implement policies that concern past events or issues.

Earthquakes and other natural disturbances or events which affect the world may occur around this time and in the following months.  Pay attention to anything that begins or develops around this time as it might grow out of control or make a profound change when Pluto stations direct in October.

On April 21st there were several terrorist bombings in Sri Lanka killing hundreds of people.
Apr 27 2019    Mars    Sqr    Neptune
   17°Ge55′ D    17°Pi55′ D

Mars squares Neptune so our actions may not have the intended results. This means it is not the best day to start a new activity or confront others. If you must begin something, be careful of hidden factors or secrets.

Mars indicates our energy and how we express our desires and our anger too. With Neptune squaring Mars, the fighting power is subdued. We give up with the struggle. A feeling of laziness may overcome people today.

This may also be a time when transsexual or gay rights are in the news. Same sex marriage or other story concerning alternate lifestyles of men may be prominent now.

Neptune rules over drugs, addictions, chemicals, water, the ocean and Mars represents energy, fighting, wars and hostile actions.  Incidents combining these topics may occur and be in the news.

Neptune is more powerful as it is the outer planet, so Neptune can dissolve or misdirect our energy or anger. The square can cause upsets between these two influences.

This is an excellent day to be creative, dream, take it easy, go on vacation, try out different things without committing to one certain action.

Avoid intoxicants as things could get out of control. Don’t drink and drive and be careful to avoid any other similar situations today. If you work with chemicals, follow all of the safety protocols. Also, if you are going to the beach, don’t swim too far out in the ocean.

Enjoy the peacefulness of this transit which is excellent for spiritual pursuits, artistic, creative activities and relaxation/meditation.

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