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Update: Astrology-Missing NJ girl Autumn Pasquale Body Found

Originally published October 23, 2012

10/23/12 R.I.P. Autumn Pasquale

The news is reporting this morning that her body was found in her hometown in a recycling bin.  Her significator, Saturn, in Scorpio which rule recycling and that she was hidden in plain site nearby was shown in the chart.

UPDATE: I found this map for where she was found. Two teenage boys have been arrested.

A is Autumn’s house and B is where she was found

Astrology-Missing 12-year old NJ girl Autumn Pasquale

This past Saturday, October 20th, 2012 a 12-year old girl named Autumn
Pasquale went missing.  She was last seen around 12:30pm in Clayton,

Her significators are Saturn and the Moon so I would start looking for her to the East of where she lives. [she was found East of her home in a recycling bin] Or South east.
in Scorpio in  the 10th House = She should be easy to find, in a public
place, (like a park), laundry room, or public building (school) but
hidden in this space somehow.

She may be where she would be expected to be.

in a water signs = She may be in a low level room, or on lowlands, near
water or other liquids
.   Near fountains, bathrooms, plumbing, river,
pond, sewer, ocean, oil tank, near cleaning fluids, oils, dyes.

Moon conj Pluto= She may be next to something large, may be next to
something that creates power, in a cave of some kind, a dark place. 

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