Two of Wands vs Three of Wands

2 of Wands (left) 3 of Wands (right)

Wealthy Man, globalist, entrepreneur Supervisor/ Working Man/ Security guard
Well dressed, haut coutureInexpensive outfit, simple clothes
Seeing water from afarWatching boats closely
Standing in nice home, buildingStanding on bare ground
Can see part of face (identity)Cannot see face (anonymous)
Looking at world, Internet, Cell phone…Watching ships, ocean, environment
Wearing fancy hatWearing simple band around head
Fashionable, genteel man, refinedFit, athletic man, warrior, military
Looking at something up closeLooking at a distance
Resting left hand on rodResting right hand on rod
Thinking about plans, not acting yetPutting plans into action, expecting results
Standing inside a city/townStanding out in nature, on a cliff edge
Grey, overcast skyBirght yellow sky
Safely in home or fortressOut in nature, exposed to elements
Has the world in the palm of his handIs pinning hopes on his current endeavor

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