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Tony Blair knighted, Prince Harry remains silent?

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9 thoughts on “Tony Blair knighted, Prince Harry remains silent?”

  1. Europa – The Last Battle , on Bitchute and other platforms , show when and who planned the downfall of Europe and The White West . we’re seeing the end of their long thought out Plan , sadly most people taking the jab , are White Westerners / Africa isn’t taking it , they have very low cases of “covid” . All the Drug company CEOs, making all the va*****es , belong to the same group who planned the downfall of The West over 100 years ago .

  2. sorry , i forgot to add her name in my last comment : 40 years Communist , born into a super wealthy Communist family , super , super wealthy Susan Michie of The UK Communist Party is one of the big names behind all the “lockdowns” in the UK . i believe Boris Johnson never has been a Conservative but is an Infiltrator , like his father , his ex wife and now his new , hideous wife , are all Left Wingers / Water Melons / Communists . Boris is devastating the UK , smirking and laughing about it .

  3. The Queen’s angry because Dr Mike Yeadon has just served Legal Papers on 6th Dec. 2021 on SAGE and the UKGOV. for Crimes Against Humanity , and we can see now TRF are a huge part of this . So The Queen got nasty and welcomed us into The New Year with shocking dreadful “news” / mental shock and anguish of giving TB a Knighthood . i think the sooner the UK becomes a Republic the better , we’re sick and tired of seeing them wallowing in their gross Wealth , shoving it in our faces all the time whilst most people here are living in poverty and Homeless ex servicemen die on the streets of cold and hunger . She’s just showed her true colours , what she is and how she thinks , to do this on New Year’s Eve was a really nasty , sadistic mind game , i think she’s angry because Dr Mike Yeadon and a German Legal Team and apparently many other Law Suits are happening all over the world , but here in the UK , it was Dr Mike Yeadon who just served Papers on SAGE and the UKGOV for Crimes Against Humanity , so she got nasty about it. thanks DE , it all adds up now and i feel so much lighter , knowing the reason why The Queen did this and the people with her like the GOV and SAGE , The Communist “think tank” advising the GOV. , 40 years a super , super wealthy Communist member of The UK Communist Party is behind all the “lockdowns” here along with Communist Creepy weirdo Chris Whitty .

  4. you’re right , DE , our GOV. is quite literally falling apart , nearly every day now , Leaks are coming out about more parties were held with Boris Johnson and his ghastly wife attending on May 20th 2021 when we could only meet one person outside our homes . Boris Johnson was SMIRKING all over his fat face this evening when asked if he and his wife had attended this party with 100 people invited .

  5. Thank you so much , i feel so much better now you’ve done this Reading , i was so angry , but now i feel calm about it , The Queen is a hateful , spiteful person who put 2 of her close relatives who had mental disabilities , into a “care home” for all their lives , when they could so easily have lived with TRF . Tony Blair forced children in early 2007 to have finger prints and eye / iris photos taken of our children in school libraries , my son aged just 12 , had this happen to him , , i learnt only by reading a local Paper a week later . there’s nothing we can do about it , i was livid , they put all this info. on a national database . TB also forced “sex education for all 5 year olds” in 1997 as soon as he got it . thanks DE , i feel so much calmer now about TB and the revolting , uncaring Queen .

  6. spot on , DE, , i feel they are doing all they can to bring Chaos to the UK . you can feel it in the air , they want so much chaos here . wait until children start to *** here , people will wake up here in the UK , this will be the match that starts the fire here .bringing chaos to America and the UK and Europe and the 5 eyes countries … we’re being pushed to the limit . thanks ,a really fantastic Reading .

  7. we’re horrified The Queen did this , i voted against Tony Blair a Knighthood , he tried before to force a digital ID but failed . we’re horrified . thanks DE . When you did a Reading on Dr Mike Yeadon , you said he’s very angry , and if you watch Dr Mike Yeadon with a German Law team , with Reiner Fullmich , and he is so angry about the lies being told , so you were Spot on ! he’s livid ! a long but really interesting video , he has all evidence now of everything he’s spent over 18 months researching everything . The RF is definietly a big part of this agenda . thanks , love your Readings !

  8. Hi DE. the Queen withheld this honour from TB for 40 years. for a reason. I believe it is a sign she is not well and doesn’t want the next monarch to inherit TB situation. Besides, the RF is being attacked by the left. Political neutrality is what has kept the monarchy going, but I have noticed Charles and William are sort of taking a discreet turn to the left after Andrew’s case. I believe Andrew situation is forcing the RF’s hand.

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