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Tom Bower’s Revelations about Harry + Meghan

3 thoughts on “Tom Bower’s Revelations about Harry + Meghan”

  1. Three Pieces of a Scattered Jigsaw.
    Hi DE. Who is Huma Abedin? 1) born in Saudi Arabia 2) Hillary’s assistant for decades. 3)Daughter of Said and Zeid Abedin who who edited the Muslim Minority Affairs Journal for decades. 4) Muslim Minority Affairs Journal was founded by Abdullah Omar Naseef, who is/has been the Director of the World Muslim League which funded Osama Bin Laden and the Muslim Brotherhood. 5) wife of Anthony Weiner, active in the pedophile scene.
    What was the first and last thing Meghan did in London? She visited a mosque known as a hub for al-Qaida terrorists.What was the only substantial piece of jewelry M. ever wore twice? A pair of earings from Saudi Arabia.
    What happened in Bhengazi in 2012? Hillary’s gun running to ISIS/Al Qaida via Benghazi in preparation to attacking Syria.
    Whatever connects these three women to Saudi Arabia/Al Qaida/ Muslim Brotherhoow?

  2. Clinton’s ,Obama ,Biden are the worst people to be joined with.Creepy people associated with pedo criminality and satanic cult.🤮

  3. Hi DE, Please ask the cards if MM who is influenced by H. Clinton , who was Politically influenced by Saul Alinsky , the Communist from the 1960’s , please ask if MM has been mentally controlled by the same people like Saul Alinsky ‘s group ? has MM been programmed by H.C. and this Communist group which Saul Alinsky was part who apparently programmed the Clintons and Obama .

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