The mishaps of Retrograde Venus in Scorpio + the Royal Family

When Venus stationed retrograde on October 5th at 10 degrees Scorpio astrologers knew that trouble was around the corner.  Issues would and will continue to arise in areas of relationships, romance, birth, art, creativity, finance, women, etc anything in the domain of Venus.  It is not an auspicious time for starting new ventures related to marriage, pregnancy etc.  The Royal family have illustrated what happens when you ignore astrology and get married or announce a new pregnancy while Venus is retrograde and in detriment in Scorpio.
princess eugenie wedding dress
On Oct 12th  we had the royal wedding of Princess Eugenie.  This was a wedding that had to be rescheduled because of Prince Harry’s wedding five months earlier.  So a Venus retrograde signified that.  However, problems began to boil over right from the start.  Prince Andrew wanted a lavish ceremony for his daughter whom he felt had been treated unfairly.  This went against advice to keep it low key so that the public wouldn’t complain about the price tag.  Allegedly Prince Andrew argued with his brother Prince Charles about this.
a person standing next to a cat: While the rest of the royal family attended Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank's wedding, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall couldn't make it to the nuptials. According to the palace, the Duchess of Cornwall had a previous royal engagement arranged that she did not want to break, which saw her visit a school in Scotland instead.
Then it was revealed that Prince Charle’s wife Camilla would not be attending.  This was a first for the second wife and an incredible snub.  Camilla ensconced herself in Scotland –  leaving hubbie Charles all alone to attend the nuptials.  This pointed to serious problems between Camilla and Charles and/or with Camilla and Sara Ferguson who was attending.  (Sarah was best friends with the late Princess Diana who despised Camilla.)
Meghan Markle's Pregnancy News Was Announced on Sarah Ferguson's Birthday
Another intense Venus retrograde in Scorpio story was Fergie standing by her man Prince Andrew for the first time in years.  Reportedly he had avoided her all of this time and now was the first time in many years that they stood together at a royal function.  Rumors of them getting married again (Venus retrograde) were flying.
Fergie was also dreading seeing her old father-in-law Prince Phillip who is understood to despise her.  Fergie tweeted about her relief at not seeing him while she was at the palace helping to arrange everything.
Then all of Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriends were in attendance, stealing the show before the ceremony. Attractive pictures of them glowing spread over the media.
But the biggest Venus retrograde in Scorpio blunder was the baby announcement of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.  Apparently they chose to do this at Princess Eugenie’s wedding which ticked off some royals as it took attention away from the bride and groom.
To make matters worse, after this, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made the public baby announcement in Australia on Oct 15th which is Sarah Ferguson’s birthday and also the International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.  So this was seen as insensitive on two counts.
That’s all I can think of for now but there may be more as Venus is remaining retrograde until Nov 16th when she stations direct at 25 Libra.   Perhaps everything will be smoothed out by then.

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